Pokemon Co-master Announced for Mobile Platforms

The Pokemon spin-off goodness continues as the Pokemon Company recently announced a new title for mobile platforms coming to Japan this Spring. Pokemon Co-master is being developed in conjunction with a company called Heroz Japan, known for creating artificial intelligence software that has played and beaten professional shogi players in Japan. With a board game-esque motif, Pokemon Co-master combines virtual collectible Pokemon figures with a strategy board similar in nature to games like Shogi or Go. Players will be battling CPU controlled antagonists while also receiving help from the game’s artificial intelligence system to properly hone their skills to become the best strategist there ever was. Currently only announced for Japan, the free-to-play game will feature online play as well. Lets hope a western release is coming shortly afterwards!


Pokemon Co-master is another title in a long list of Pokemon spinoffs that have been released over the years since Pokemon first entered our gaming consciousness. Although some titles have been more successful than others, the franchise has produced some seriously good games in the process. This is the same franchise that expertly crafted a strategy RPG set up with the Oda Nobunaga conquest games in Pokemon Conquest, something that does not even seem feasible. Now the only question that remains is which title does the Pokemon fanbase anticipate more: Pokemon Co-master, Great Detective Pikachu, or the wildly ambitious Pokemon Go. Pokemon’s 20th celebration continues to roll on. Watch the teaser trailer below.

[Source: Polygon]

Written by Yasir Malik

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