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    Classic arcade games to never forget

    Arcade culture started to gain true momentum in the late 1970s, with the release of games such as Asteroids and Galaxian and became widespread by the time Pac-Man and Defender were released. The golden age of Arcade Games started with the release of Space Invaders in 1978 which stands as one of the richest in […] More

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    Playing the Guacamelee character in the BRAWLOUT Arcade Mode on Switch

    BRAWLOUT is a Smash Bros. inspired indie game with a beautiful presentation and fun moment-to-moment gameplay and is available today for the Nintendo Switch. While it lacks the appeal of having Nintendo’s All-Stars fill its roster, two characters from well-known indie games have become the best characters the game has to offer, including Juan Aguacate […] More

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    Fire Emblem Switch: Five reasons to be excited

    Earlier in the year, Nintendo hosted a Fire Emblem specific Nintendo Direct. The presentation featured gameplay details and footage for two additions to the Fire Emblem franchise, the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, and the Tecmo-Koei/Team Ninja spinoff Fire Emblem Warriors. Flying under the radar, however, was the brief announcement of a new entry in […] More

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    Star Wars Battlefront II – Game of the Month

    It’s important to remember the criteria for which we select Game of the Month winners here at TSG. We don’t select the best game of the month, but the one that represents the most significant impact on the industry and culture. Though sometimes those criteria intersect (look no further than March GotM winner Breath of […] More

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    R.O.B is Nintendo’s biggest mistake

    I have been playing Super Smash Bros. ever since my brother received it as a gift for his birthday in 1999. It’s a series that has grown and changed before my eyes as I’ve gone from child to adult. Some of my best memories growing up are sitting on the couch playing this franchise with […] More

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    The Game Awards 2017: A night of unrestrained passion

    Every year The Game Awards are a celebration of the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the incredible games that we play. While last year’s show put emphasis on gaming’s unsung heroes, epitomized by Overwatch’s victory as Game of the Year after a nightmarish development cycle, this year more than ever developers […] More

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    College class teaches students via video game

    Over the past several decades, video game oriented classes and majors have slowly entered college curriculum, but Texas A&M University has taken these forays into video game education one step further. For the first time, the University has introduced a course taught via video game, where the game is the college course. The game is […] More

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    My Top 5 Most Memorable Moments of The Game Awards 2017

    Geoff Keighley, the spearhead of The Game Awards, said it himself: the 4th annual award show has finally hit its stride. This year’s show was a seamless three hours jam-packed with reveals and surprises. From an enigmatic, possible BloodBorne 2 tease to the unexpected Soul Caliber VI trailer, not a second was wasted, except for […] More

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