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    Long Live Single Player

    Everyone’s favorite publisher, Electronic Arts, managed to be at the center of numerous industry-wide conflicts in 2017. There were three incidents caused by the company that are particularly concerning for gamers: Mass Effect: Andromeda falling extremely short of expectations (an in-depth story for another time), the closure of Visceral Games and cancellation of their single […] More

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    Top Shelf Gaming’s 2017 Game of the Year revealed

    After much deliberation, TSG has elected to give our 2017 Game of the Year Award to…The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild! In truth, there wasn’t much of a concerted argument. If you’ve been following this site over the past year you’ve read, or at least seen, numerous articles about this game. But it’s […] More

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    Rhythm Doctor : An interview with developer Hafiz Azman

    Rhythm Doctor, a one-button rhythm game was definitely the game that drew my attention at IndieCade 2017. It teaches complex music and rhythm theory even without players realizing it. Although the core mechanic is simple and requires you to only push the action button on the 7th beat to play, it manages to keep players […] More

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    Nintendo in 2018: Things we have to know about

    2017 has been a renaissance year for Nintendo. Gaming’s oldest purveyor of joy came back from a despair-ridden several years with an innovative and irresistible new console, a consistent set of game releases, and two of the most refreshing games in years. Nintendo has loads of momentum going into the Switch’s second calendar year, but the […] More

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    Talking video game law with Paul Bruene

    The intersection between law and video games is one that’s both interesting and dynamic. It’s a fascinating crossroad of intellectual property, and unless you have attended law school you probably won’t understand all the minute details that go into it. Paul Bruene works at a large law firm in the Seattle area and while in […] More

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    Deckhead Games Interview: The road to IndieCade and beyond

    Deckhead Games’ Vision of the Future On October 13th, 2016, IndieCade, the largest international independent games festival, took over five buildings on the University of Southern California’s campus. TV screens peppered every room, each one displaying vibrant worlds and creative visuals, suggesting new methods to play games or offering unprecedented immersion through virtual realities. The […] More

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    Classic arcade games to never forget

    Arcade culture started to gain true momentum in the late 1970s, with the release of games such as Asteroids and Galaxian and became widespread by the time Pac-Man and Defender were released. The golden age of Arcade Games started with the release of Space Invaders in 1978 which stands as one of the richest in […] More

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