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    R.O.B is Nintendo’s biggest mistake

    I have been playing Super Smash Bros. ever since my brother received it as a gift for his birthday in 1999. It’s a series that has grown and changed before my eyes as I’ve gone from child to adult. Some of my best memories growing up are sitting on the couch playing this franchise with […] More

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    The Game Awards 2017: A night of unrestrained passion

    Every year The Game Awards are a celebration of the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the incredible games that we play. While last year’s show put emphasis on gaming’s unsung heroes, epitomized by Overwatch’s victory as Game of the Year after a nightmarish development cycle, this year more than ever developers […] More

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    College class teaches students via video game

    Over the past several decades, video game oriented classes and majors have slowly entered college curriculum, but Texas A&M University has taken these forays into video game education one step further. For the first time, the University has introduced a course taught via video game, where the game is the college course. The game is […] More

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    My Top 5 Most Memorable Moments of The Game Awards 2017

    Geoff Keighley, the spearhead of The Game Awards, said it himself: the 4th annual award show has finally hit its stride. This year’s show was a seamless three hours jam-packed with reveals and surprises. From an enigmatic, possible BloodBorne 2 tease to the unexpected Soul Caliber VI trailer, not a second was wasted, except for […] More

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    Why single player games are more immersive than multiplayer games

    In a world where multiplayer games such as competitive shooters and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) are trending, it would appear as though single player games are a dying breed. However, there is a reason why single player games haven’t gone extinct. Instead of relying on the competitive element prominent in multiplayer games, narrative-driven single […] More

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    The fight for Net Neutrality now includes gamers

    In the past week, the issue of Net Neutrality surged to the masses when the Federal Communications Commission (FFC) announced that it may potentially remove the laws protecting Net Neutrality in a vote on December 12. The FFC chairman, Aijit Pai, proposed to repeal the laws the Obama Administration enacted and allow Internet Service Providers […] More

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    At Sundown developer puts what on their pizza?! More Celebrity Miitomo at EVO 2017!

    A personal pan pizza is a pretty personal possession. Celebrity Miitomo host, Marcus Garrett, asks Ted Park, developer for At Sundown, what his three favorite toppings are. In addition, learn about At Sundown, a top-down free-for-all shooter that requires players to hide in the darkness to assassinate their opponents. Use the QR code below to […] More

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    Super Mario Cereal hits stores December 11

    Nintendo and Kellogg’s have collaborated to create a Super Mario Cereal for your daily consumption and enjoyment — in more ways than one! It will not only help get your day started, but the box itself functions as an amiibo accessory. Using the Nintendo Switch’s NFC sensor, you can tap a section of the cereal […] More

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    TSG Asks: What is your favorite spinoff game?

    Spinoff games are a broad category. They can range from placing revered franchises in entirely new genres, retain similar gameplay elements but provide novel twists, or be a completely different game featuring recognizable characters. Sometimes this experimentation leads to failure, but other times it results in some of gaming’s most memorable titles. Spinoffs offer fresh […] More

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