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    The New Retro: brand new games for decades old consoles

    People have come to know me as a lover of retro games. Though I may not have grown up in the era of the NES, only beginning to explore digital worlds towards the end of the N64’s lifecycle, I have grown a particular fondness for an era of gaming that is now considered a far […] More

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    Going with the flow in Newt One

    Video games can appeal to people for a number of reasons. Some offer the satisfaction of conquering unreasonably difficult challenges. Others present complex stories with interesting characters. Still more exist simply for the sake of having fun. Newt One, a new 3D platformer from 2-man indie developer DevNAri, lands closest to that latter category. A […] More

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    Remembering Final Fantasy XV’s excellent first half

    Last year I compared Final Fantasy XV unfavorably to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. My primary point of criticism was the game’s split identity between an open-ended first half and a linear second half that emphasized an improperly developed narrative. Despite this, the game’s first half is still a fantastic example of […] More

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    The King of Kong Dethroned

    Competitive gaming may seem like a relatively recent phenomenon, but its history extends back as far as the dawn of the home console. Though the market is now dominated by eSports and tournaments, in the 1980s being the best gamer on the planet meant having the highest score, and there was only one group dedicated […] More

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    Celeste – Game of the Month

    Every so often a game comes around that surprises you. Looking at this year’s lineup, we can already anticipate greatness from the likes of God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and some others. There were some great games in January, historically a pretty slow month for games with notable exceptions including last year’s Resident […] More

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    The Last Guardian is a game you need to play twice

    Released at the end of 2016, The Last Guardian made a momentary impact on the industry, mostly due to the sheer miracle of the game escaping over a decade in development hell, before seemingly fading from the general gaming consciousness. Fumito Ueda’s follow-up to the monumental 2005 game Shadow of the Colossus was a polarizing […] More

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    Innerspace: gameplay vs design

    Many years ago I began watching video game reviews on the internet and stumbled across the now-defunct site called GameTrailers. The site attached a score between 1-100 to games by examining them in constituent parts: story, presentation, gameplay, and design. The first two categories, story and presentation, are pretty clear-cut, but the distinctions between what […] More

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    6 driving games that will blow your mind in 2018

    Gamers have got a lot to look forward to this year, especially when it comes to titles that focus on auto racing. From the simple fun of arcade-style driving games to sims that put realism at the top of the agenda, here are six upcoming options to ignite your interest. GTR 3 Touring car games […] More

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    Long Live Single Player

    Everyone’s favorite publisher, Electronic Arts, managed to be at the center of numerous industry-wide conflicts in 2017. There were three incidents caused by the company that are particularly concerning for gamers: Mass Effect: Andromeda falling extremely short of expectations (an in-depth story for another time), the closure of Visceral Games and cancellation of their single […] More

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