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    Marvel’s Spider-Man – Game of the Month

    Originally announced at E3 2016, Marvel’s Spider-Man has easily been one of the most closely followed and anticipated game releases of the generation. It is the latest in a line of exceptional AAA PS4 exclusive single-player titles, made by top-tier developer Insomniac Games, with the full support of both Sony and Marvel, and based on […] More

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    Marvel’s Spider-Man sets pace for a thrilling series and raises the bar for superhero games

    I cannot stop thinking about Marvel’s Spider-Man. From zipping through the sun-drenched streets of New York City to the epic boss encounters, to the incredible score, this game has burrowed its way into my consciousness like few games ever have. Spider-Man has a long history with video games, but precious few have ever been decent […] More

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    UK YouTubers go hands-on with Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

    The other day when I was scrolling around YouTube, as we all do, I noticed a strange notification. A YouTuber called Bird Keeper Toby posted a “Let’s Play” video of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, a game that isn’t scheduled to release for over two months. Intrigued, I clicked on the link. Turns out he was […] More

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    TSG Asks: What is your favorite video game to watch?

    Sometimes it can be difficult to muster the energy to play video games. The mental energy required to immerse yourself in another world can be restrictive depending on the time or amount of focus you have to devote on any given day. At the end of a long day of work or class, it’s often […] More

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    The moment that made me love Wandersong

    I started Wandersong shortly after completing Marvel’s Spider-Man. Going from a big-budget AAA console-exclusive title to a small, independent game was a jarring play experience for me to say the least, but the lighthearted tone of the game’s opening and the charmingly incessant optimism of The Bard endeared me to what I expected to be […] More

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    TSG Asks: What game series won you back?

    It can be difficult to watch the progression of a video game franchise. Sometimes they change a lot between entries, moving away from the pillars that made people fans in the first place. A lot of times they barely change at all, becoming sterile reiterations rather than fresh new takes. Gamers themselves can develop new […] More

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    Trust Sircle Podcast Ep. 36: How does Marvel’s Spider-Man compare to the Batman Arkham series?

    It’s not often that the entire TSG staff all plays the same game to completion so that they’re able to talk about it. In another special episode of Trust Sircle, the boys compare the action-packed Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 to its spiritual successor: The Batman Arkham series. Supplement Reading TSG Asks: What makes Marvel’s Spider-Man […] More

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    Wandersong’s commitment to non-violence is both endearing and frustrating

    Everybody faces conflict. Sometimes these conflicts are mild inconveniences while other times they are unexpected, unavoidable, and life-threatening. The latter is often true in video games, which, by their nature, are filled with obstacles that will impede your progress or end your play session altogether. For decades, mindless violence has been the primary method in […] More

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