Overwatch revamps its spectator tools in time for World Cup at Blizzcon 2017

These powerful new tools allow broadcasters to tell more powerful stories on the fly while commentating heated esports matches.

On October 26th, Blizzard posted a developer update video to discuss the various ways the Overwatch team is working to improve the esports viewing experience. During the World Cup playoffs at BlizzCon 2017, several new broadcasting tools and features were used to provide better viewing experience for the audience.

There have been continuous complaints and criticism about the spectator mode in Overwatch with people arguing that it is difficult to keep track of what’s happening. The game directors are implementing the following methods to hopefully improve the viewing experience.

To begin with, every team participating in the Overwatch World Cup will have team uniforms, which will be revealed at Blizzcon. The home and away teams will have different colors, with the darker color assigned to the home team and the lighter color for the other team. In addition, the heads-up display will also be improved to integrate these colors.

Another new feature announced is the top-down interactive map which will assist broadcasters and observers in seeing all the actions at once. The team is also adding the ability for broadcasters to make instant replays even during live broadcasts. Furthermore, a third-person smart camera with improved camera motions and an automatic action-following feature will ensure observers won’t miss any important action during the games.

Lastly, a new automated interface will further help tournaments to run smoothly and easily. For instance, when a player disconnects from the game, he no longer has to ask to pause the game and wait for a person to manually stop it. This new interface will automatically stop the game when it encounters any technical errors or issues.

With the new spectator mode introduced to Overwatch at Blizzcon, Overwatch esports will be able to provide a better and more enjoyable watching experience for its fans. For a behind the scenes look at these new broadcasting tools, check out the video below.

Written by Se Jin Lee

Se Jin Lee is a computer science student currently enrolled at Sogang University in Korea. She came to Chapman University in Southern California for her exchange program. She is a passionate and a serious gamer who views games as one of the few powerful mediums capable of handling any issues and conveying messages to society. When she is not playing games, she likes to develop her own games.

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