Overwatch Celebrates Halloween in Cheerfully Morbid Fashion

overwatch-skins-picOverwatch is getting festive for the coming Halloween season. Following the theme’s reported leak last week, Blizzard has announced the “Overwatch Halloween Terror” event will run from October 11 to November 1. In celebration, the map Hollywood has received a spooky makeover complete with a change from day to night time, floating candles, and decorative pumpkins and coffins. In addition, all loot boxes have been changed to Jack-O-Lanterns stuffed with goodies, providing new emotes, sprays, icons, highlight intros, and skins. Of the 22 character cast, 12 will be receiving new costumes including the “antagonist” of the event Dr. Junkenstein, a mad scientist variation of Junkrat. Although you will only be able to obtain cosmetic rewards during the event’s run time, players who unlock them will be able to equip them even after November 1.

Blizzard is also going beyond the cosmetic, providing Overwatch’s first PVE (Player Vs. Environment) game mode called “Junkenstein’s Revenge”. In this new Co-Op mode, up to four players choose from a selection of heroes, Ana, McCree, Hanzo, and Soldier: 76, and defend the doors of Aldersbrunn Castle from a horde of AI controlled “zomnics”. (Zombies. Omnics. I see what you did there Blizzard!) Accompanying the swarm of undead machines in their assault on the castle are Dr. Junkenstein’s “entourage:” the Reaper (Reaper), Junkenstein’s Monster (Roadhog), a “mysterious witch” (Mercy), and Dr. Junkenstein himself (Junkrat).

Reinhardt skins are always my favorite

If you’re like me then the prospect of the new excellently themed costumes has probably already got you excited. The new Co-Op mode has got me thinking the most though. Part of this is simply because I love the “You and some buddies VS. the world” game type, colloquially known as a “horde mode,” but I also love that Blizzard is taking Overwatch in different directions. The mode seems fairly barebones as of now, but perhaps later events or updates could see expansion in this area or into others, and that has me excited for Overwatch’s future. Overwatch’s “Halloween Terror” has some fairly simple additions, but it feels like the event is injecting some serious enthusiasm and life into the game. No developer is better at that than Blizzard.

[Source: Play Overwatch]

Written by Evan Maier-Zucchino

Evan graduated from Chapman University in 2017 with a BFA in creative writing and a minor in leadership studies. A love of storytelling propels his interest in video games, though he is equally comfortable on the battlefields of multiplayer games as in the middle of an RPG grind. When not gaming he can be found producing music, writing stories, or pondering the big questions in life.

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