Nintendo releases Misango, the 3rd ARMS DLC character

Misango bounces into action as the latest release for Nintendo’s smash hit.

Misango Juju

On Nov. 15, Nintendo released Misango, the latest character for ARMS, as part of their free version 4.0 update for the game.  Misango, as with all previous DLC characters for ARMS, was also released with 3 new unlockable arms unique to his theme as well as a jungle themed stage.  He is the third DLC character to be released for ARMS, following Max Brass and Lola Pop after the game’s release early this summer.  

Misango Mask
Misango’s masks offer him various unique abilities to adapt to any situation

Misango is a flexible fighter who can adapt to different situations.  His spirit companion will transform into a mask when he charges up, granting him increased abilities depending on the color of the mask.  His spirit will also become a warding pillar if he holds his guard for long enough, allowing Misango to attack safely from behind the pillar, or even block a rush attack just long enough to get to safety.  Finally, all three of his signature arms are equipped with the brand new Poison element, which damages enemies over time and can be stacked to increase the damage effect.  

Misango pillar
Misango’s spirit can transform into a pillar to protect him from attacks

As the third DLC character to be released for ARMS, Misango presents a more ambitious take on the game’s simple mechanics, as most characters thus far haven’t been equipped with more than two different abilities.  Misango’s color changing auras are highly reminiscent of Shulk’s Monado Arts from Super Smash Bros. 4, and it seems that Nintendo are experimenting with just how far they can push the limitations of the game.  Regardless, their free DLC plan and strong character design look to be important elements of their strategy in pushing this bold new IP.  ARMS is fast becoming a staple of the Switch, and a must grab for anyone looking for couch multiplayer.  


Source: Nintendo