Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Niantic’s next AR game

We solemnly hope that Niantic is up to something good.

Niantic Labs, the developers of the infamous Pokémon Go, are creating an augmented reality game for Harry Potter. The game is titled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and is set to launch sometime in 2018. Niantic is partnering with Warner Bros Interactive and their new sub-brand aptly titled Portkey Games.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will take influence from Niantic’s first game Ingress which, like Pokémon Go, involves team-based location-based AR. Niantic says that players will learn spells and explore real-world cities to discover and fight legendary beasts. Niantic continues in saying that players will team up with each other to take down powerful enemies. All of Niantic’s other games have been broken down into factions, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will likely continue this trend with the four houses of Hogwarts.

The initial launch of Pokémon Go was huge. While riddled with problems, it brought in tons of players that wouldn’t have necessarily identified themselves as gamers. Niantic has shown that they have learned from their mistakes by fixing many of the issues of the initial Pokémon Go. If Harry Potter: Wizards Unite can have the same reach and not have any issues, there is potential for something magical to happen.

[Source: Niantic ]

Written by Charlie Bruene

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