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Michael’s Mothballs – Starwars Battlefront II

Let the nostalgia continue. This week’s game to blow off and throw back in the console is:

Star Wars Battlefront II (PS2, PSP, Xbox, PC)

Battlefront II was released on November 1, 2005 in North America. LucasArts published the game and Pandemic Studios produced the game engine. George Lucas and his team had creative control over the game while Pandemic Studios provided the coding and servers. The game follows the quite successful Star Wars Battlefront released in 2004.

The game exists in the Star Wars Universe and features famous battles from the saga. The game’s premise is simple. One army fights another. The player controls a type of soldier from a first-person or third-person perspective.

To be more specific the player controls the characters of certain factions in the Star Wars universe. You use blaster rifles and launchers to blast away the enemy in classic Star Wars style. You can even pilot several vehicles seen in the movie on land. Several battles also exist in space that allow the player to pilot classic star wars ships and participate in dog fights.

In my opinion I prefer the prequel movies of I, II and III. I may spark a debate just be saying those words but that is my personal preference. I am a huge fan of clone troopers and I was more than happy to be able to play as multiple types of clones.

The game coincided with the DVD release of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, I still remember the life size clone trooper sitting right inside the entrance to Best Buy where I bought the DVD. It wouldn’t be a few months until I was able to play the game at a friend’s house but it was so worth the wait.

The brightest memories I have of the game include several long conquests on the planets of the Clone Wars. Nothing scared me more than the sound of “General Grievous has entered the battle.” I think of the several hundred hours I spent playing on the PS2 and the PSP. I never played as the droid army. I hate droids. However they are quite comedic in the more recent Star Wars Clone Wars tv series.

Other memories include piloting around Hoth in a snowspeeder taking on an AT-AT walker. That sequence of events made it feel as though I was Luke Skywalker. I do have the right hair color and sweet lightsaber moves. And then there was the time I spent hours killing thousands of Ewoks. Of course that sounds cruel and everything but they asked for it with all the rock throwing and damn “yub nub” music.

Perhaps the best addition to this sequel was the assault game mode on Mos Eisley. The mode featured all of the playable heroes from the game pitted against each other in a huge battle. No matter how hard I tried I was never able to make the bad guys win. I slashed my way through Jedi and rebels with my red lightsaber but I was never victorious. I think it’s rigged.

The game was generally well-received getting 7’s and 8’s in reviews. There are those who prefer the original Battlefront but most people including myself like the sequel. LucasArts took to forums and message boards to see comments on Battlefront and made changes accordingly for Battlefront II.

The online multiplayer of the game is believed to be the focal point of the game. I spent most of my time playing campaign or instant action but thousands still play the game to this date. LucasArts didn’t mind the community modding the game which allowed fans to create new levels and characters as they pleased.

The graphics and functionality of the game were impressive for 2005. Gameplay holds up strong even to this day. I’d much rather play Battlefront II than Destiny at this point.

EA and DICE are working on the next installment of Star Wars Battlefront set to release Holiday 2015. After a decade of waiting, this particular Star Wars fan boy is ecstatic about a next-gen Star Wars gaming experience. EA and DICE know what they are doing. Although there is not much yet to show for it, check out this E3 trailer!

Written by Michael Lanoie

Michael is a handheld gamer kid who evolved into a console player, the best of both worlds. He attends Chapman University and hopes to achieve his Masters in Creative Writing.

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