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The beginning months of the year are not the best time to be a gamer. Very few games are released in the spring, and gamers can be left to replay the holiday titles. Why not take a blast from the past and play an older game? Sure the graphics may not be what you are accustom to, but things such as story, gameplay, and immersion still apply. That’s where Michael’s Mothballs comes into play.

Today’s mothball is one of the titles now available to play on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility.

You can really feel the tense in this start screen.

Alien Hominid HD (November 11, 2004)

Alien Hominid is an action-adventure platformer originally released as a Flash game on Newgrounds in August 2002 and later for Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, GameBoy Advanced, and Windows in 2004 and 2005.

Gameplay is rather simple, yet addicting and fun, and resembles a similar play style of Metal Slug. One or two players control a character that fights through waves of enemies. The players control an alien hominid crashed to Earth as the title suggests, equipped with a blaster and grenades using them on enormous amounts of special agents attempting to capture you. Players can obtain power-ups and vehicles that give the player an immense amount of firepower resulting in large explosions and destruction.

Look at how much is going on in this screen. Chaos is your friend now.

Guns and grenades are fun, but the most entertaining obtainable in the game is most certainly the hats, achieved by completing levels and challenges.The hats give you a sense of accomplishment as well as a sense of style.

Alien Hominid’s cutscenes are bright, colorful, and cartoony. The story is told primarily through the comedic cutscenes and in-game events. Your alien journey is very different from E.T.’s, less flying bicycles and more explosives, but still highly engaging.

The face of galactic conquest, and indigestion.

Yet, you won’t find yourself playing the game for the story or the visuals. The reason why you should go back and play Alien Hominid HD is because of the ridiculous amount of fun that there is to be had. It goes on the list of games that are best played with multiple people, with the regular mode being 2 player Co-op and the available minigame being 4 player Co-op.

Don’t get me started on the minigame though. Too late, I have already begun. FIND THREE FRIENDS AND PLAY THE MINIGAME. Put down Super Smash Bros for once and diversify! The minigame consists of stick figure characters attempting to get the end of the level. The simple and cohesive design can still bring out the complexities of friendship and hatred.

The Mario-like platform style gives a nice simplicity that involves defeating enemies, and collecting items in order to open the door to complete the level. Simple enough, right?

WRONG! Well, the levels themselves are relatively simple, but the hardest part is completing it in one piece. Players don’t need to cooperate in order to complete a level resulting in an “every man for himself” dynamic. You are able to sabotage your friends by pushing them off the edge or jumping off their head sending them to their doom below. This style of play results in a lot of laughter, and A LOT of shouting.

I still haven’t forgiven my friend for pushing me off the boat in the final level. My mother said to always repair bridges with old friends, but some things are unforgivable mom.

The game is available on the Xbox 360 for only $9.99, but if you have the disc then you can also play on your Xbox One. I am certain you can find a pre-owned copy at a Gamestop somewhere or try the flash version here:

Let me know if you guys have any old games that deserve some spotlight or wish to share!

He's so cute and he's having such a good time murdering and wreaking havoc! Awhh!

Written by Michael Lanoie

Michael is a handheld gamer kid who evolved into a console player, the best of both worlds. He attends Chapman University and hopes to achieve his Masters in Creative Writing.

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