Meet the Musicians of the Zelda Symphony: Interview with Kaleigh Bancroft

The music from The Legend of Zelda is iconic and the pieces orchestrated for Symphony of the Goddesses have dazzled the masses. But an orchestra is only as effective as its performers. Since Top Shelf Gaming is a culture-centric video game site, I wanted to take some time to highlight one of the powerful voices in the choir.

Meet Kaleigh Bancroft. She is your typical college student and next year she will graduate from CSU Fullerton with a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance. In her free time she loves to read, go thrift store shopping, knit, and visit the beach. Her life is not unlike most Southern California college students at all. Except for the fact that she travels with an award-winning orchestra to sing in one of the biggest video game orchestras ever curated.

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses is now a worldwide tour. There isn’t just one orchestra that travels around for the whole tour but rather many groups that are assembled for specific legs of the journey. Kaleigh sings alto alongside many of her peers from school for the West Coast wing of the tour.

When I spoke to her during the short break of the rehearsal, she recalled her favorite performance from the tour. “Last Wednesday we performed at the Venetian in Vegas,” she began. “Traveling with the choir was great. A majority of us are classmates and those who weren’t were professionals in the business. We stayed at the Linq hotel; it was super nice!”

Getting to perform live in Las Vegas is a dream for many singers, but Kaleigh had fond memories of that show for other reasons. “My favorite thing was just the audience. You could tell that they all love the Legend of Zelda and were psyched for this show. I even saw some people cry a bit! And they just wanted more and more! Their energy fed ours and we wanted to give them all we had.”

I was certainly among the criers. The music in Zelda is powerful and to hear it performed live by the world’s best musicians can fill anyone with awe. Kaleigh agrees. “What’s different about the show to me is the way the audience connects with the music. The minute you play a melody or even just the first chord, they’re immediately taken back to when the first played the game. I think this show is amazing because it strengthens the bonds between the fan and the game.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Her obligation to the Zelda Symphony is over for the summer as the tour finishes up in the West Coast this Saturday at San Diego Comic Con. She can finally get some well-earned rest after finishing up with Zelda and coming back from performing in France. She’s still looking forward to new opportunities to perform before school begins in the fall.

Other than what already seems to be a very promising career in music, Kaleigh Bancroft is just like everyone else. Over the course of interviewing her I discovered that we share mutual friends. There is a chance that I met her a long time ago. I would’ve found it hard to believe that someone so relatable to me would someday bring me to tears with her singing. But then again, I never would have guessed that there would one day be a Legend of Zelda concert series as well.


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Written by Marcus Garrett

Marcus created Top Shelf Gaming to celebrate the awesome things about the video game industry while challenging the areas of the video game community that could be improved. He loves playing guitar and eating tacos, but never at the same time.

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