Mass Effect Theme Park Attraction Opening Soon

With Mass Effect: Andromeda not releasing until some time next year, fans of the series will have to travel to California to experience a new area of the galaxy. Opening May 18th, California’s Great America theme park in Santa Clara will feature the Mass Effect: New Earth attraction, advertised as an “interactive 3D presentation with 4D effects, all hosted by a live performer.” From the description, it sounds similar to the Terminator 2 3D attraction, which used to exist in Universal Studios Hollywood. The audience will travel on the SSV Normandy to an alien planet to fight menacing villains (most likely Reapers). There is no report on which characters from the series will be featured, but as the audience is joining the Normandy crew, it’s a safe bet that the expedition will be led by Commander Shepard. California’s Great America also claims that the attraction will be featured on the world’s largest 3D LED screen.

Seeing as Mass Effect is my favorite video game franchise, I’ve already begun planning a trip to Santa Clara just so I can see this attraction myself. It’s an interesting, if not unconventional, marketing idea on EA and BioWare’s parts, who announced the partnership with Great America in September 2015. It will be a fun excursion to those who make the journey, and an additional way to pass the time until Andromeda releases.

[Source: Engadget]