Confirmed: Mario can wear Peach’s wedding dress in Super Mario Odyssey

Looks like the groom ran away with the bride’s gown

Adventure in style in the new Super Mario Odyssey, a 3D platformer that takes the player far away from the Mushroom Kingdom to explore new places and save Princess Peach from Bowser’s wedding plans! Released October 27th for the Nintendo Switch, the game allows the player to change Mario’s costumes and that, of course, includes the beautiful wedding dress that Princess Peach wears. The costume is complete with her white gown, veil, and jewelry–tiara, earrings, the works! Special amiibos will gift players with the costume, but, if you’re worried that these amiibos will be out of stock (as is the case with especially rare and coveted amiibos), there’s no need for concern: Nintendo has stated that these costumes will be unlockable within the game itself.

It’s not the first time that Nintendo has allowed male characters to wear feminine clothing. Luigi has borrowed Peach’s dress before in 2003’s Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, and Link himself has cross-dressed a handful of times. For example, the unlockable costume called the Legendary Dress, which allowed players to find heart containers more easily, in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (released 2015) strongly resembles Princess Zelda’s gown. Link also dons her trademark crown and Triforce-shaped earrings. Furthermore, in 2017, it was necessary for Link to wear a Gerudo Vai outfit to complete a story quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, it is a first for Mario!

Players can collect coins in Super Mario Odyssey and bring them to the Crazy Cap Store, where they can exchange them for “decorative souvenirs” and new outfits, which is implied to be necessary gameplay elements as some locations have “very exclusive dress codes.” The game encourages players to dress Mario however their heart desires, making our favorite plumber into whatever they want him to be. Therefore, if dressing Mario in a wedding gown will enhance your personal gameplay experience, then you can very well put him in one. There’s certainly no reason not to do so!

Since Super Mario Odyssey launched October 27th, you can pick up your own copy for the Nintendo Switch in stores or online.

[Sources: Nintendo, Polygon]

Written by Jennifer Ly

Jennifer is an undergraduate pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science. She has minors in both English and Video Game Development. As an avid fan of RPGs, she enjoys game narrative, world building, and character development.

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