Legion Revamping – WoW’s Class Turnover, Who’s Affected and Why

The Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplay Game ‘World of Warcraft’ is a force to be reckoned with in the game industry with its millions of subscribers and beautiful, immersive fantasy world. Operating since launch in November of 2004, over ten years of expansions and excellence has kept players hooked.

In Fall of 2016 the newest addition to the ‘Warcraft’ expansion family hits the servers, ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’. The Burning Legion is invading your home world of Azeroth with chaos magic and demons that threaten not only your character’s faction but the entire planet. With a brand new adventure on the horizon of Azeroth (and its subsequent parallel universes),the time has come for the developers to edit the class system to fit this new journey.

After sifting through the preview information these are the short, sweet, and palatable version of the logs upon logs of changes to come in the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion.

Death Knights: Runes will now be usable for all abilities, no longer divided into frost, blood, and unholy sets. Don’t let this fool you into thinking specializations are for naught, more specialization-specific abilities will also be hitting with Legion to create greater differences between the possible paths of a Death Knight.

Demon Hunters: Welcoming this brand-new class to the game comes with a damage and tank specialization full of shapeshifting and chaos energy that can be channeled into glaives and other weapons just like Illidan, the original Demon Hunter.

Druids: Wave goodbye to your Heart of the Wild buff and say hello to a new choice of buffs called ‘Affinity talents’, giving the much-needed ability to access off-spec abilities at any time and gain a passive effect. New talents with cooldown effects are also being added, giving your kitty a little more bite and, of course, altering the eclipse cycle of the Balance specialization.

Hunters: Again we see the branching out of specializations with specific assigned abilities for each, making your gameplay markedly different depending on what specialization you’re in. This isn’t just active spells and shots, it includes a new influx of passive abilities like in the other classes.

Mages: As you probably expected in playing mage characters, this class is plenty powerful and has few pre-existing downsides based on specializations. No massive upheavals are expected and certain existing abilities will be made easier to use when either in a group or questing solo in addition to some new abilities.

Monks: Brewmasters are losing chi in favor of being more evasive, hard-to-hit tanks and the traditional format of Mistweavers are losing their pseudo-attack abilities to gain healing proficiency and power. The Windwalker specialization isn’t being too altered, but all the classes are receiving more depth of ability and adherence to their lore.

Paladins: All specializations are being brought to the forefront of the battlefield, producing sturdier tanks and healers alike in terms of health and armor. Holy Power in the Holy specialization is being swapped out for mana as an energy pool and Protection paladins are losing Holy Power in favor of shortened cooldowns, and Retribution paladins are gaining new short-range abilities.

Priests: This class is mostly getting lore additions and specifications, focusing on the source of the priest’s magic dependent on their specialization. Shadow priests gain an insanity meter while Discipline priests are more clearly defined in abilities by their balance between madness and the light.

Rogues: Continuing with the trend of making differences between specializations more pronounced, the Combat specialization is being put to the side in favor of the more specific Outlaw specialization as well as the strengthening of corresponding abilities per specialization.

Shamans: Totem mechanics are being enhanced to summon multiple of the same kind at once and targeting has been improved. Elemental and Enhancement shamans will be ditching mana as well for a new power source called Maelstrom.

Warlocks: The theme of returning to mechanics that reflect lore is strong with the changes for warlock specializations, especially Demonology warlocks. More demon variety has been promised along with a honing of their summoning and empowering abilities.

Warriors: You’re being given a whole heaping load of choices with this expansion. New abilities and combinations therein are being added to personalize the warrior experience no matter what your specialization.

This upheaval of classes within the game is not uncommon. Almost every expansion has changed the World of Warcraft classes as gamers know it to keep a more balanced, enjoyable system of play.
With these updates and many more the ‘Legion’ expansion looms in the distance for the entire PC gaming market as it waits with baited breath.



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