Legendary Golems Regirock, Regirock, and Registeel announced for Pokemon Bank

Following the current trend of releasing legendary Pokemon every month this year, the Pokemon Company recently announced the arrival of the three Legendary Golems of Hoenn to their Pokemon Bank service. Trainers who access their Bank account between Mar. 4 and Oct. 31, can use the Pokemon Link function to receive all three Pokemon– Regirock, Regice, and Registeel– each with a new hidden ability that cannot be achieved through regular play of
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. For those that do not remember, Pokemon Bank was introduced Regisalong with Pokemon X & Y , as a way to transfer a trainer’s captured and trained Pokemon from generation to generation across all future Nintendo devices. For an annual fee of $5 dollars, trainers can ensure their favorite monsters will travel forward with them, rather than being stuck on previous game cartridges.

Regirock will come with the Sturdy ability, allowing it to survive one-hit KO’s with one HP left. Regice will come with the Ice Body ability, allowing it to restore HP when the weather condition is changed to hail in battle. And finally, Registeel’s hidden ability, Light Metal, reduces the Pokemon’s weight in half, lowering damage taken from moves that deal more power the heavier the target is. With easy access to the new Pokemon, it will be interesting to see if these legendaries will ever enter the meta for the professional scene, and what the best trainers in the world can do with them. But as someone who unfortunately missed out on the Hoenn region, adding the Legendary Golems to my future playthroughs will be a great addition. Have fun trainers!

[Source: Pokemon]

Written by Yasir Malik

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