IBM Announces Sword Art Online: The Beginning

IBM has announced an upcoming VR game titled Sword Art Online: The Beginning. If you are a fan of anime then you are probably extremely hyped to hear about this. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the story takes place in Japan in the year 2022. At this time, a revolutionary VR game has been released to the public. However, on its first day out, everyone playing gets trapped inside the virtual reality. The only way out is to beat the game, but all players must be careful as dying in the game means dying in real life. Along with the announcement, IBM sponsored a teaser video that can be seen below, which features in-progress development as well as a VR headset that looks a little bit like the Oculus Rift.

What’s truly amazing or terrifying, depending on how you feel about the premise of SAO, is that the company is looking for volunteers to test the game. The closed alpha test will take place from March 18 – 20 in Tokyo, and 208 lucky applicants will be chosen to participate. Participants will get their avatars scanned into the game and be able to interact with one another and the world just like in the world of SAO.  Admittedly, there are some prerequisites: you must live in Japan, be 18 or older, etc. Nonetheless, to even have such game in the works is amazing. Also, if you by any chance have a Japanese passport and speak Japanese fluently then give preregistering a shot here.

We can only hope IBM isn’t trying to recreate the actual events of the show or there could be some problems. Albeit, in the show, the beta testers were safe. It was the Day 1 buyers that got trapped inside.   


[Source: Japanator]

Written by Evan Burkin

He studied creative writing and business administration while attending Chapman University. Currently, he's a grant writer and copywriter by day and a gamer by night. He has a particular love for SRPGs, and he will gladly waste away entire weeks grinding his team to perfection.

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