Hearthstone’s next expansion is Kobolds and Catacombs

A return to the fantasy roots.

Hearthstone’s next expansion is Kobolds and Catacombs as announced at BlizzCon 2017. The expansion is a return to the fantasy roots and is inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Kobolds and Catacombs will also introduce a single player mode called dungeon rush that is the most “replayable” single player content that they have made for hearthstone yet.

In the same announcement Blizzard detailed that along with the typical legendary minion for each class, there will also be a legendary weapon, following suite in the trend set by Journey to Un’Gorro. The two announced are a priest weapon called Dragon Soul and the mage weapon Aluneth. While the legendaries and new cards are noteworthy, what I think has the most impact in Kobolds and Catacombs is dungeon rush.

The Priest and the Mage legendary weapon.

Dungeon rush is “essentially a hearthstone roguelike” says Ben Brode. Dungeon rush as a mode is more than meets the eye. It shows that Blizzard is willing to expand their games to meet the innovation of the market. They’re created a successful single-player mode that is more than just a series of boss fights, as we have seen the single-player content do before but something new entirely. The trading card game interoperation of the roguelike genre is new to both Hearthstone and all other digital card games. This pivot of making the single-player content more fleshed out is huge and will hopefully pave the way for more innovation from Blizzard.
[Source: Polygon]

Written by Charlie Bruene

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