Has Sony Given Up on the Vita?

Sony Computer Entertainment Senior Vice President, Masayasu Ito, revealed in an interview earlier this week that Sony will be doubling its focus on the PS4, namely by ceasing all first-party, AAA development for the Vita. Ito reassured the press that third party developers are still “working hard” to provide titles for the handheld, but staples of the Sony lineup like Uncharted and God of War will no longer be featured.

Even Sony’s golden boy Drake is fleeing from the doomed Vita.

This news is only the latest indication that Sony is seeking to abandon the Vita. The company announced in September that they don’t plan on developing a successor to their handheld device as sales have been dismal, and Sony itself has admitted that there is no market for the device. Like the PSP before it, the Vita simply can’t hold a candle to Nintendo’s handheld devices. Following Nintendo’s example, Sony has revealed that they also intend to pursue downloadable games on mobile devices.

Rather than drag out an embarrassment or reinvent their brand, Sony has opted to take Old Yeller out back and end things quickly. It’s tragic that the already forgotten Vita was such a failure, and even more so that Sony didn’t learn its lesson after its first foray into handheld platforms. While the PS4 remains the highest-selling console in the US, Sony can still use all the luck it can get when it comes to the mobile market.
Do you own a Vita? Were you considering picking one up? How does this news affect your view on Sony and its device? Tell me how you feel in the comments!

Written by Ed Dutcher

Ed Dutcher is a screenwriting student at Chapman University. He owned a Super NES at one point and only learned how read so he could play Pokemon. You can also catch Ed running the gaming section at Crossfader Magazine.

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