Greninja wins general Pokemon election reminding Americans to vote today

The Pokemon Company held a general election to determine which Pokemon is the most popular among fans. Greninja from the sixth generation of Pokemon was elected the winner with 36,235 votes out of a total 562,386. Pokemon’s mascot Pikachu snagged the fourth spot on the list losing to Greninja, Mew, and Arceus in that order. But let’s be honest, none of this matters.

If you are an American, more specifically a Californian there is a real election going on that will change the course of our history forever. If you are eligible to vote in these primaries then please make every effort to do so. Your vote can and will impact the final outcome of the election.

Please do your part. I know elections can make people jaded, angry, or any number of negative emotions but as long as you have a vote, you have a voice. You have until 8pm to be in line at a polling location. That’s 5 hours from the time this is posted. Go!

Anyway if you are still curious about the Pokemon thing, here’s a list of the Top 100 most popular Pokemon from the election. Yes, I admit that it is mildly entertaining and I am disappointed that Duskull didn’t make the list and yet Greninja managed to take first.



[Source: Nintendo Everything]

Written by Marcus Garrett

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