Fun Games to Play with Someone on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to pick up a nice bottle of wine, some chocolates, perhaps some flowers, come home to your significant other, turn the lights down low and… play some video games. Sure, that mushy stuff has its place, but when it comes to real romance, there’s nothing like sharing hours of gaming. But, you just can’t play anything. To set the mood, you need to know which games are the best. There are a bunch out there, but we’ve narrowed down the list for you.

Mario Kart

Sure, things may get heated as the two of you race around those tracks, but as long as the insults are kept to a minimum, you can always kiss and make up later. Even for people who are not that into video games or haven’t played many, Mario Kart is easy to learn and just darn good fun.

Castle Crashers

What looks like a coloring book come to life, Castle Crashers is an adventure game that lets players pick their role, abilities, and weapons as they make their way through many different levels. This is another game that is great for novices and not very complicated.

Portal 2

For the couple that loves to do puzzles together, Portal 2 should be the go-to game. Teamwork is the name of the game in Portal 2, and to succeed, you need your communication skills to be on point.

Any LEGO Game

You really can’t go wrong with any LEGO game you choose. And because there is such a variety now, you can pick one based on your movie or pop culture preferences. There are games featuring Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and a number of superheroes (over 100!). They’re also incredibly fun and rely on good teamwork.


Yes, bingo—it’s not just for kids and seniors anymore. In fact, hipsters are starting to embrace the game, but you don’t need to go out to some hall to have someone crank one of those big wheel things. There are a ton of online options, including many fun games on this gaming hub that range from straight-up bingo to slots featuring your favorite Avengers member. And the best part? These games let you win some dough, so you can finally get those couple’s massages you’ve always wanted.

Guitar Hero or Rock Band

If you have ever fantasized about starting your own band, these two games give you the next-best option. You don’t even need much musical talent, and you know what they say: The couple that rocks together, stays together. Also, there’s that new Rock Band title that just dropped, so you could surprise him or her with a new game while you’re at it.

Super Smash Bros.

Love the idea of going toe-to-toe (in a loving fashion)? Well, Super Smash Bros. gives you the chance to do it, but in a completely amusing way. Just like Mario Kart, there may be some harsh words exchanged once things get going, but as long you can keep things light, you’ll both have lots of fun.

Anything on Wii or Kinect

While sitting around and playing games (perhaps while enjoying that wine and chocolates) is nice, to get your pulse up, consider games where you move around. Sports games are great—Wii Sports, perhaps?—as are the many dance games available. Who needs to go out when you can have your own dance club in your living room?

Looking for even more Valentine’s Day game ideas? Go here.

So, what are your favorite video games to play with your significant other?

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