New Final Fantasy Vinyl Albums are Up for Pre-Order!

This monday, Laced Records made an exciting announcement for any die-hard fans of Final Fantasy: vinyl concert albums featuring music from Final Fantasy and the famous Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo are now available for pre-order! The Final Fantasy album will feature music from Final Fantasies VI, VII, and X while the Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo album will feature music from the Symphonic Fantasy concert, including music from Kingdom Hearts, Secrets of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and Chrono Cross games.

Both albums are based off music from the sold-out symphony concerts by Merregnon Studios and are remastered by London’s famous Abbey Road Studios. Both albums will be available on triple vinyl or double CD for the more “common musically inclined”. Laced Records made the assurance that the vinyls will be available for purchase around December for that perfect holiday present.

As one of the most recognizable video game series, especially music-wise, Final Fantasy means so much to so many people. These albums are definitely a treat for any collector of Final Fantasy merchandise.

[Source: IGN]

Written by Makena Morgan

Makena Morgan is a Creative Writing major at Chapman University. He enjoys writing fiction stories involving fantasy, scifi, and horror as well marathoning You Tubers Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. He has an obsession with manga, animated movies, and anything Japanese. Don't worry, he is easily distracted by bad puns, pop culture reference, and grape flavored everything.

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