Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris expansion is arriving soon

The popular FPS-MMO hybrid gets even bigger this holiday season with its first expansion.

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris

On October 30th, Bungie unveiled the trailer for the first Destiny 2 expansion, the Curse of Osiris, at Paris Games Week.  The expansion, which will be available December 5, centers on Osiris, a powerful figure in Destiny’s lore, and will send players to Mercury, an as yet unexplored planet in Destiny 2.  Bungie has claimed the expansion will feature a new cinematic story, a new world destination (Mercury), a new social space, as well as missions, strikes, raid content, and world quest to complete.  The full expansion has not yet received a set price, but will be included as part of the expansion pass package available digitally for $34.99.

Curse of Osiris Mercury vistas
The vistas of Mercury will provide new opportunities for player exploration and combat

Dry Endgame

Although the Destiny franchise is considered a successful and well-known title, Bungie has been facing complaints regarding Destiny 2’s current endgame, as many players feel that there is not enough to do once they complete the story and fully gear up.  Curse of Osiris presents an important opportunity for Bungie to boost the game’s longevity by focusing on endgame content, which is especially important for game sales given their proximity to the holiday rush, when many parents will be looking for the hot new game of 2017 to gift to their children.

Curse of Osiris Crucible
Players can expect to earn new rewards from the endgame content

Additionally, this expansion comes hot on the heels of the PC release for Destiny 2 (Oct. 24), but Bungie has confirmed that Curse of Osiris will be released for PC as well as consoles on the same date.  This is great news for PC players, as it seems Bungie is committing to keeping all of its platforms on the same release schedule moving forward, in spite of skewed launch dates.

Written by Brendan Copley

Brendan Copley is a creative writing and game design student currently enrolled at Chapman University in Southern California. He is an avid gamer passionate about all aspects of game design, from narrative to art and competitive balance. When he's not grinding the competitive ladder in Overwatch, he works on a YouTube gaming channel where he teaches new players the ins and out of FPS games.

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