Rally the Troops, the Destiny 2 Trailer is Here

After releasing a teaser on Tuesday, the much-anticipated reveal trailer for Destiny 2 was dropped today to much fanfare.

Tuesday’s teaser, “Last Call”, featured Hunter Vanguard and fan-favorite Cayde-6 relating the story of how the Guardians of The Tower were attacked by surprise by The Cabal, and the subsequent near-destruction of the city.

The reveal trailer, “Rally the Troops”, features Cayde-6 and Commander Zavala each using their unique oration skills to instill confidence and vigor in their troops.

Well, as far as Cayde-6 is concerned, not so much “confidence and vigor” as much as “confusion and greed”.

The reveal seems to set up the story of the Guardians being forced out of the Tower and possibly into hiding, separating them from all of their equipment and technology, and this eviction by the Cabal being the central conflict.

As of yet nothing else story-wise seems to have been revealed, other than what can be gleaned from the trailers and the tagline “New Legends Will Rise”.

If you’ve yet to see the “Last Call” teaser, you can check it out here:

Written by Steven Porfiri

has never beaten Sephiroth but swears he has a friend that did it on the first try. He has a degree in Screenwriting from Chapman University and has a storied history of watching his friend play Playstation.

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