Dear Bungie: An Open Letter

Dear Pete Parsons, CEO of Bungie,

I want to start off by saying that I love the work your company has accomplished and am continually amazed by all of it. I was hyped for Destiny long before it came out and was lucky enough to get my hands on the elusive Ghost Edition of the original game. Since then, I have poured over 850 hours into the game and continue to do so because of how much I love it. Not only is the game a lot of fun to play, I also get to play it with my brother (we are both away at college and rarely get to see each other), my friends, and I get to meet really cool new people from around the globe. Your company has accomplished so much since Destiny first came out, and I am glad that I have been a part of it all.

Destiny_20150915140922While I would love to praise you for all of the gloriousness of Destiny, that is not what I came here to do. The die-hard Destiny community is not very happy right now, and we have in no way received any form of reassurance from your company. We have been lied to, led on to believe something that was not true, and taken care of poorly in the past few months.

In one of the Bungie Weekly Updates, the community was told that the matchmaking system had not been tinkered with, but players were finding out that matches consisted of much more lag than usual and were much more “sweaty,” meaning that games were intense and not laid back whatsoever. About a month went by with no response from your company, but here we were told that we were lied to because you needed “raw, unbiased data.”

Was this supposed to make us feel better about being lied to? I’m sure if the crew working on matchmaking had been upfront with the community about these changes we would not have been so upset. No, we don’t like skill-based matchmaking, but what consumers hate more than a company trying out something new is being lied to. Being transpareDear Bungie image 2nt about things that directly affect your consumers should be something of the utmost importance to everyone at Bungie. Ever since you were appointed the new CEO of Bungie in January, it seems that you are doing your best to achieve this goal of transparency, which has made all the difference in the community’s perception of what the future for Destiny looks like.

Besides being lied to, the community was also led on to believe that with the implementation of microtransactions the money raised would be used to fund future content for Destiny. This, in turn, wo
uld make most future content free for all players – or so we thought. This was the community’s perception of microtransactions and the way we justified their implementation, and when we reached out to your company to clarify, we received no word back. Players like myself who spent money on these cosmetic in-game items did so mostly to help fund future content for others, and when we were finally told after about a month or so that
microtransactions and paid content can “co-exist,” we felt betrayed. Our money, like we thought, was not going to help future content be free, and the reason we did not know that is because your company failed to be transparent about it.

On top of all of this, it has been a little over six months since we have received anything new in the form of playable content. We have received small timed events every now and then, but nothing substantial. Six months is a very long time to go without anything new, and that’s asking a lot from your community. The reason it has been so hard for the community to be patient is because we do not have a clear road map for the future of Destiny like we did the first year the game was released. In December of 2015, about three months after the release of The Taken King, the game’s biggest expansion to date, we were told that a sizeable update would be released in the Spring of 2016. After about another month and a half, we were reminded that something was coming, and since then, we still have heard nothing about it.

I do not mind theDear Bungie image 3se “dry spells” in Destiny, and in no way do I feel entitled to new content. I’ve gotten what I paid for, and I enjoy it. But, when I, along with so many others, invest almost all of my free time into this game and everything surrounding it, clear information about what we can expect and when would greatly be appreciated. It has almost been seven months, and we still do not know what the future of Destiny looks like except for the vague information we’ve already been given.

Your company has not been transparent with their plans to release content to sustain the community, a community that has invested time, effort, and heart into making this game as successful as it is. If you really care about this community, then you need to take initiative and change the way Bungie addresses their community.

Speaking of the community, I am sure you have already heard these complaints. Bigger names in the community have already expressed their dissatisfaction with the way things have been handled. For someone like me, though, who doesn’t have a big enough voice in the community to really stir change, I hope this letter finds you well, and I hope it sparks something inside of you. The Destiny community is massive, as reported by an earning’s call that stated that 25 million players had registered to play the game, and that is a testament to the quality of the game. This community is unlike any video game community I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of, and I am afraid that with the way things are currently going, things are going to go Dear Bungie image 4downhill way too quickly. I only wish to see the longevity of Destiny, not the short-lived game that makes people in the future say, “Man, it’s a shame what happened to that game.”

No, Destiny is not dead, and we as a community are doing our best to make sure that it thrives and succeeds. To make that happen, though, we need you and your company to make a change; we need you to be as clear and transparent as you can be with anything and everything, and we need to know what we can look forward to and an estimated time of when. Even if we know we have to wait six months, that information sets our expectations and allows us to have something to look forward to. As we continue to fight the Darkness, I hope that you do not keep this community in the dark.


                                                                                                      With regards,

                                                                                                                      Joey Mannino, a proud Warlock


What do you guys think? What do you think Bungie should do to make Destiny great again? Comment below and let me know! 

Written by Joey Mannino

Joey is studying Creative Writing with the hopes to one day write games for Bungie or Naughty Dog. He absolutely loves his PS4 and has been a loyal Sony fan ever since he first played Jak and Daxter. His passion for video games shines through all of his work, especially when he's proving Microsoft fanboys wrong.

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