“Civilization” Is Headed To Classrooms Near You

One of our favorite cultural trappings thematically is rose-tinted reminiscence of our adolescence. Getting in trouble with friends, awkward first kisses, getting beat out for the lead in the school play just because the other guy was a senior (okay, maybe that was just me). For many, high school is a time to be remembered fondly, and sometimes, when the adult world gets complicated, messy, and just plain hard, you may catch yourself saying “I wish that I could go back there”.

Or, if you’re like me, you may have shouted that at a stuffed animal on your dresser after learning that a classroom-oriented version of Civilization aimed at middle and high school students is being developed, and is slated for release at the end of 2017.

CivilizationEdu is the collective brainchild of 2K Games and GlassLab Games. GlassLab is a studio that was founded in 2012 with the intent of finding ways to further introduce learning to video games, and vice versa.

GlassLab is also responsible for an educational version of Minecraft, which incorporates several different school subjects into the game through various mods.

The prospects for an educational version of Civilization are pretty exciting as well. Even the standard version of the game arguably has some educational value as a way to teach history — though it doesn’t adhere to the exact way the world was constructed, it has a lot to teach about how the world was constructed. A version of the game that is specifically tailored toward lessons in history, civics, macroeconomics, or whatever else, would undoubtedly be a fascinating tool for educators and a heck of a way to spruce up your sophomore year World History classes.

Oh, by the way, nerds: Civilization VI comes out on October 21st.

Source: Polygon

Written by Adam Cash

is a recent college graduate and professional Internet writer guy. He's kind of embarrassed about how much he enjoys sports games, but he's starting to branch out and catch up with the rest of the cool gamer kids.

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