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    Brawlout is a charming and addictive alternative to Super Smash Bros. on Switch

    From the epic music, to the charming art style, and even down to the animation, Brawlout is unabashedly a Super Smash Bros. clone, oriented toward competitive play. Originally released in April of this year on PC, Brawlout makes its way to Nintendo Switch, a platform whose fans are feening for a Smash-style game. Does Brawlout’s […] More

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    The Champions’ Ballad highlights the best and worst in Breath of the Wild

    It’s safe to say that most people didn’t know what to expect going into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s first, and potentially last, story-based downloadable content, The Champions’ Ballad. Positioned as story DLC, The Champions’ Ballad had a big task to accomplish: reinvigorate players’ desire to explore Hyrule and round out a […] More

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    Why Flightless is minimalistic must-play

    How can a free to play puzzle game offer a complex and emotional experience in just 20 minutes? Games are often a time investment. Take any high profile release of the year and the expectation is at least 30 hours of gameplay. That is a lot of time, and if you are like me, that’s […] More

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    Forging a bond between strategy and power in Fire Emblem Warriors

    The Dynasty Warriors series, a collection of hack-and-slash action games, is known for its bombastic battle arenas which give players the ability to destroy countless enemies with little trouble. Each character grants different play-styles that keep the action varied and which allow the player to experiment with new strategies. With Dynasty Warriors’ recent spin-offs to […] More

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    Ultimate Movie Trivia Schmoedown review

    Trivia games. They’ve been around for a long, long time and whether you’re playing in a Trivial Pursuit championship, an online quiz that determines your level of nerd cred, or an old Scene-It from 2005, you’ve probably experienced the burst of excitement when you blindly guess correctly or the crippling despair when you’re picturing the […] More

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    Take a road trip down memory lane with the SNES Classic

    Nintendo gave us another chance to experience nostalgia and relive our childhood when they released the Super NES Classic, a limited edition product, on September 29th. Hardware The SNES Classic emulates the original Super NES in design except for the size. It can sit perfectly in the palm of your hand, making it compact and […] More

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    Inversus Deluxe is a minimalist shooter that belongs in every competitive Switch owner’s arsenal

    It wasn’t until I’d put the game down after my first few hours of playtime that I realized why I’d gotten sucked into Inversus Deluxe.  It wasn’t the minimalist art style, the geometrically pleasing tiles or the simple color scheme.  It wasn’t the comfortable controls, the dozens of unlockable maps, or the brief but effective […] More

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    Horizon Zero Dawn review: beauty in the apocalypse

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is a remarkable game. Developed by Guerilla Games, creators of the Killzone franchise, it represents the studio’s first foray into third-person action and open world games. For such a significant departure from Guerilla’s previous mode of operation, Horizon manages to be a surprisingly polished, inventive, and even moving experience with some of […] More

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