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  • Fire Emblem Heroes

    Fire Emblem Heroes Review: A battle worth fighting

    I don’t play mobile or free to play games. As a general rule I find the presence of microtransactions and immersion hampering time restrictions to be nuisances I’d rather not deal with. It’s not that I have anything against the mobile games marketplace, there just hasn’t been a game in that scene that has spoken […] More

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    The Everyday Average Life of Samantha Browne Review

    The Everyday Average Life of Samantha Browne is a visual novel game available for both PC and mobile, that examines social anxiety in students and young adults. The game opens up to a university dorm, where each floor has a communal kitchen. We then meet Samantha Browne, a young, shy, college student who is hungry […] More

  • dishonored-2-cover

    Dishonored 2 Review: A Personal Affair

    In 2012 the first Dishonored was a gust of fresh air that swept unexpectedly through the game industry. During a time of heavily iterated franchises and bombastic action games, Arkane Studios’ new stealth-action IP emphasized a methodical and slow approach, granting players flexibility and choice in how they completed each challenge. The gameplay allows for […] More

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    A War Torn Battlefield 1 Review

    Battlefield 1’s campaign attempts to portray harrowing tales of bravery and courage, but its true success still lies in its thoroughly refined multiplayer suite For a series that has been around for over 14 years, Battlefield has remained relatively consistent in overall quality. However, the last two entries in the series, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield […] More

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    Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Review -Your custom journey through the zombie apocalypse

    Nothing says Halloween like the good old zombie apocalypse genre! Yes, there are a million zombie apocalypse games out there ranging from action games to story-based adventures, but there aren’t many that offer dozens of choices for a player to customize their protagonist. There are even fewer that offer romantic options whose relationships and personalities […] More

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    A Thrilling Review of Escape Bloody Mary

    Since the beginning of time, human cultures have assumed reflections are doorways to other worlds, that the person looking back at you from the mirror is living his or her own life, and has their own soul. One of our most longstanding fears is seeing something in that mirror, only to have something look back. […] More

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    Four Sided Fantasy: A puzzle game without borders

    Puzzle platformers are my bread and butter. I love the mix of problem solving and technical finger skills. Four Sided Fantasy heralds itself as being similar to puzzle game classics like Braid and Portal. It is apparent from the first level that these comparisons are justified. With such big shoes to fill, does Four Side […] More

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    Get Ready for Ready Player One

    “Being human totally sucks most of the time. Videogames are the only thing that make life bearable.” – Wade Watts. At TSG, it’s safe to say we love our video games. Heck, next to my husband, Liara T’Soni (Mass Effect), Professor Lupin, and the Oxford comma are second, third, and fourth loves. (Yeah, I used […] More

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    Miitomo Is Weird, Yet Strangely Engaging

    As Miitomo has been out for a few days now, I decided to download the app and see how it works and despite my general dislike of social media, Miitomo is actually a lot of fun. The Mii Creator utilizes the same capabilities as the service offered on the Wii U and 3DS, but with […] More

  • Hot


    Bloody Fists and Bloody Well Done: EA UFC 2 Review

    Although I am not much of a sports fan, I love mixed martial arts. Games like football and basketball bore me, but MMA is fascinating. It’s athleticism mixed with ferocity, intelligence and brutality. To see a peak fighter like Jon Jones or Rafael Dos Anjos combat their opponents is like nothing else. The fluidity of […] More

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