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    How Netflix’s Castlevania Series Succeeds

    The animated Castlevania series on Netflix show adapts the popular action-adventure franchise’s third entry into a four episode first season…and hot damn is it good, even becoming the first video game adaptation to receive a “Fresh” certification from Rotten Tomatoes. Four episodes is a bit of a tease and possibly the result of Netflix trying […] More

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    Why Mario Kart 8 “Deluxe” makes me feel weird

    Aside from Disneyland, Nintendo might just be the kings of reselling you childhood memories. For years the company has traded on nostalgia generated from its past endeavors, but the recent release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has me feeling a bit more suspect than their usual efforts. The original Mario Kart 8 was a massive […] More

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    What Final Fantasy should learn from Breath of the Wild

    Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda are two of the most legendary franchises in gaming. Both have been the wellspring for not just one, but several classic titles that defined the industry for years. However, both series have experienced something of a downward trend over the past ten years for relatively similar reasons. Final […] More

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    What’s Miss-ink from the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire

    One of the biggest questions people have about Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch is if there is enough new content compared to the original to merit a sequel. After getting down and squirty in the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire, I think we’ve been asking the wrong question entirely. The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire was […] More

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    What is the Nintendo Switch and what should it be?

    Last week we finally got a clear look at Nintendo’s new console: the Switch. It has been an interesting week since then. I’ve had many friends that I wouldn’t expect to be excited expressing significant anticipation while others have stated mixed opinions. Perhaps one of the most interesting things to come out of the event […] More

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    The Wii U reminds us the games in the Nintendo Switch trailer are probably just concepts

    The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s new hybrid console, was unveiled via a trailer on Wednesday. The 3-minute showcase featured really attractive and trendy millennials using the new console everywhere from expertly furnished living rooms, on airplanes, and even basketball courts. It is clear that Nintendo is trying to target an older crowd. People are generally on […] More

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    A Final Fantasy: The Declining Appeal of JRPGs in the West

    In early 2010, gamers were anxiously awaiting the release the latest entry in one of gaming’s most iconic franchises. Final Fantasy XIII had been announced four years prior, and with hype levels at an all time high for the final release, it was impossible to think that anything could go wrong. Though the game was […] More

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    The Loss of Local Multiplayer Part 2: Remembering Our Story

    Local multiplayer is slipping from the gaming mainstream. Games that were once defined by their incorporation of split-screen and cooperative campaign  have been cutting the features in recent years. In part one of this article I traced the decline of local multiplayer through the Halo franchise and discussed some of the attitudes that inform this evidently industry-wide […] More

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