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    Kinda Funny Co-Founder Leaves Channel

    Colin Moriarty, co-founder of popular Youtube gaming channel Kinda Funny, has announced that he’s left the group. The split comes after Moriarty drew ire for a Tweet he posted disparaging women on International Women’s Day. Ah. Peace and quiet.#ADayWithoutAWoman — Colin Moriarty (@notaxation) March 8, 2017 Moriarty then followed up the tweet criticizing those upset […] More

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    Pokemon Go is finally getting its next generation

    Last summer Pokemon Go became a mega hit on mobile devices. A frenzy that was almost unavoidable, seemingly everyone from kids to adults wandered the streets on the hunt for the original 150 classic creatures. It was a time of discovery and rose-tinted nostalgia that ultimately came to an end once the seemingly endless grind […] More

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    The Nintendo Switch Parental Controls video portrays Bowser as a single dad and it’s the cutest and creepiest thing I’ve seen all year

    Oddly enough, Nintendo Switch’s supplemental video on the console’s new Parental Control features did what the entire Switch reveal failed to do: It reminded me of Nintendo’s charming quirkiness. The 2 and a half minute video features single dad Bowser monitoring Bowser Jr’s game consumption via a new smartphone app. The app allows you to […] More

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    Nintendo Switch launches March 3 with Legend of Zelda

    Nintendo first made murmurs about their upcoming console, codenamed NX, halfway through the Wii U’s life cycle. Years later, Nintendo unveiled the console during a worldwide live stream of the trailer back in October. The trailer for the new console, officially named the Nintendo Switch, is now the company’s most viewed video on their YouTube […] More

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    Trust Sircle Podcast Ep. 19: Why should you watch Awesome Games Done Quick?

    Valerie decides to see other people and leaves Devin and Marcus alone to discuss Awesome Games Done Quick, a week-long charity gaming extravaganza. The boys then reminisce about the ways they used to make up their own adventures in video games. Watch AGDQ and consider donating: What’s new on the site: Follow us on […] More

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    Top Shelf Gaming’s 2016 Game of the Year Revealed

    2016 was an important year in gaming. We saw VR become a reality, we saw old classics given new life in Doom and Ratchet and Clank, we experienced mods on console with Skyrim and Fallout 4, we had our hopes crushed by Mighty No. 9 and No Man’s Sky, we swarmed public parks playing Pokemon GO, […] More

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    Nintendo themed attractions coming to Universal Studios Japan in 2020

    In what can only be described as a childhood dream come true, Universal Studios and Nintendo have partnered up to create a mini-Nintendo themed area inside of Universal Studios Japan. Super Nintendo World, the official name for the area otherwise translated to “heaven”, is set to open in 2020, just in time for the Summer […] More

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    Hideo Kojima honored as “industry icon”

    The Game Awards started off on a personal, emotional, and ultimately uplifting note this year. Following the half-hour or so of pre-show footage, host Geoff Keighley took the stage to announce that Hideo Kojima, beloved creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, had been awarded the Industry Icon Award. Briefly summarizing the artist’s tumultuous year, […] More

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