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    Jennifer Lopez among several celebrities to invest in professional Esports

    On September 28th, 2017, the official Twitter account for the Esports team NRG announced their roster for their Overwatch team. That same day, they also welcomed singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, and media personality and former NFL defensive end Michael Strahan “to the family.” The three celebrities are a part […] More

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    Ana and Junkrat will soon be playable in Heroes Of The Storm

    Heroes of The Storm has recently announced that a pair of Overwatch characters, Ana and Junkrat are on their way to the game in near future. In addition, Volskaya Foundry Battleground inspired by Volskaya Industries will be the next new map. On September 25, only a few days after Ana was announced as the new addition […] More

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    TSG Asks: What game do you feel guilty about not playing or finishing?

    Video games are awesome but there are just too many of them to keep up with. We all have that game, or five, that we’ve been meaning to play that we just haven’t. In some cases, they’re games that we’ve purchased with actual money. Well it’s time to come clean because this week we’re asking: […] More

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    The 4 types of games crowding your backlog

    Video games are a difficult medium to stay up to date on. In addition to their rather expensive cost, many games require a significant amount of playtime in order to see everything it has to offer. While movies require a defined and manageable time commitment, completing a video game can take anywhere from two hours […] More

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    TSG Asks: Do you prefer branching or linear stories?

    One of the most interesting parts about video games is the potential to account for player choice in the narrative. This “choose your own” style of adventure is something video games have aspired to for a long time. From the intimate decisions of the Walking Dead to the trilogy-spanning choices of Mass Effect, games have […] More

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    Nintendo just announced the New Nintendo 2DS XL because why?

    You probably can’t be a Nintendo fan if you don’t like surprises. In a move nobody could have seen coming, Nintendo announced yet another iteration of their successful handheld Nintendo 3DS yesterday.The New Nintendo 2DS XL combines everything you love about the New Nintendo 3DS XL (these names are ridiculous) with all the great features […] More

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    Overwatch’s Hanamura is coming to Heroes of the Storm

    Blizzard, the king of cross-game promotions, is at it again, refining their MOBA Heroes of the Storm and infusing it with some Overwatch. A large patch titled “Heroes of the Storm 2.0” was just recently released, kicking off a month-long event called “Hanamura Showdown” that will end on May 22nd. Until that time players will have […] More

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    Rally the Troops, the Destiny 2 Trailer is Here

    After releasing a teaser on Tuesday, the much-anticipated reveal trailer for Destiny 2 was dropped today to much fanfare. Tuesday’s teaser, “Last Call”, featured Hunter Vanguard and fan-favorite Cayde-6 relating the story of how the Guardians of The Tower were attacked by surprise by The Cabal, and the subsequent near-destruction of the city. The reveal […] More

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    New Overwatch tank Orisa now available to play

    Overwatch released their latest hero Orisa on both PC and console on public servers today. Orisa is a centaurion mech designed to be an alternative choice for playing Reinhardt, the only other “anchor tank” in the game. In other words, she can take a lot of damage before dying and help inch her team forward […] More

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