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  • A screenshot of the title of Bury Me, My Love in the teaser trailer

    Bury Me, My Love: The story behind the text

    This past IndieCade, I had the opportunity to demo an upcoming indie title, Bury Me, My Love, developed by The Pixel Hunt and Figs. The game is an instant messenger adventure that has the player overseeing Majd and Nour, two lovers that got caught up in the Syrian Civil War. This game is currently available […] More

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    Behind the scenes of Cat Sorter VR

    Cat Sorter VR, a virtual reality game developed for the HTC VIVE, was developed by indie developer and publisher Pawmigo, founded in 2016. In an interview with VentureBeat, founder Spencer Stuard said that “his team knew from the start that they wanted to make a VR game and a game with cats.” The result was […] More

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    The driving motivation behind the Zelda Symphony

    Well, it’s come to this. The final part of our epic interview series with The Legend of Zelda; Symphony of the Goddesses producer Jason Michael Paul. In this finale, JMP shares the ultimate reward he gets from producing a show on this scale. Please watch and enjoy the interview below. As always, thanks for watching. […] More

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    Why the Zelda Symphony and Comic-Con just makes sense

    There’s something magical about attending the Zelda Symphony. This feeling is never stronger than attending the symphony during its annual performance during Comic-Con weekend. Jason Michael Paul explains how the tradition of performing at San Diego Comic-Con came to be and how the performance is invigorated by the energy of the fans. Watch below and […] More

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    “We didn’t really have anything that wasn’t already released to the public” on adding Breath of the Wild Music to the Zelda Symphony

    We hope you enjoyed our behind-the-scenes video of the Zelda Symphony last week. We’re now thrilled to share with you the first of several of the full interviews with producer Jason Michael Paul we filmed that night. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild released this year to glorious universal acclaim. We asked JMP to […] More

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    The relationships between player and avatar: An enlightening interview with Harrison Gish

    You might remember my first longform article “Player and Character as One: Why uncensored games are the most impactful storytelling medium” about how players can be more intimate with their characters in a mature setting if the game employs more explicit storytelling. You also might have listened to the Trust Sircle podcast episode where we […] More

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    Escape Bloody Mary: Interview with developer Matthew Rebong

    A few weeks ago I was invited to Chapman University’s west studio, home of augmented and virtual reality startup Well Told Entertainment, to play their first virtual reality gaming experience: Escape Bloody Mary. You play as a kid who’s dared by his friends to perform the ritual that summons the infamous monster. Unfortunately, your actions […] More

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    Stone Story: An Interview with Creator Gabriel Santos

    Among the many innovative games featured at IndieCade 2016, one game stuck out to me as being particularly unique. Stone Story, developed by San Francisco based developer Gabriel Santos, is a RPG adventure with an intricate ASCII art style comprising the whole graphical component of the game. Its an experience that was unlike anything else […] More

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