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    No Man’s Sky – Game of the Month

    August’s game of the month is perhaps the perfect example to illustrate the purpose of this monthly feature. Our monthly picks are not chosen primarily for their quality, or even our enjoyment of them. Instead, the TSG staff chooses games for their importance to the industry, relevance outside video game circles, and their ability to […] More

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    Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts: Sylvanas, Thrall, and Vol’jin

    It’s that time – the final installment of Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts. In previous posts, we’ve sorted all the leaders of the Alliance and Horde save arguably the most fierce Horde leaders, Sylvanas, Thrall, and Vol’jin. Today, we sort these three, and it’s anyone’s guess as to which house they’ll call home. As stated in […] More

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    Pokemon Go – Game of the Month

    For years, millions of children dreamed of a world inhabited by the mysterious creatures known as Pokemon. Now 20 years after the release of the original Pokemon games for the Nintendo Game Boy, the world was introduced to the current phenomenon Pokemon Go, a mobile game by Google’s Niantic Labs. Pokemon Go, as if you […] More

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    Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts: Gallywix and Lor’themar

    We’re ending our mashup series with a bang – two installments in which we sort the last of the Horde leaders. As stated in Baine’s sorting, information gathered for Horde leaders is strictly from in-game lore and quest lines, as opposed to books and comics. These final two posts are condensed to allow us to […] More

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    Super Soul Bros play Celebrity Miitomo

    Live video game music has significantly grown in popularity over the past decade. Outside of orchestral video game performances like The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses or Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions, one band leads the pack in video game covers. The Super Soul Bros are a 6-piece soul and funk outfit who specialize in […] More

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    Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts: Baine Bloodhoof

    Welcome back to Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts, where I sort leaders of Azeroth into Hogwarts Houses! Part one of this series delved into the leaders of the Alliance and their attributes. Now, we begin part two and the leaders of the Horde. Due to the vast wealth of lore on Horde leaders, as well as my limited exposure to […] More

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    A Traveling Trainer’s Guide to Pokemon GO!

    Pokémon GO has just hit the app store in your country (Maybe) and what in the name of shorts that are comfy and easy to wear are you gonna do about it? Download and jump right in headfirst? Well ease up there, Brash Ketchum, cause I’m bringing you a breakdown of just how the new app […] More

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    Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts: Genn Greymane

    Today marks the halfway point in our Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts series, wrapping up our Alliance leader sortings with Genn Greymane. “It’s high time these Forsaken bastards learned… that there’s nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal.” – Genn Greymane Genn Greymane grew up in a less than ideal environment. His dad Archibald’s superiority complex was […] More

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    Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts: The Prophet Velen

    We’re on our second to last week sorting the leaders of the Alliance into Hogwarts houses before we move onto the Horde. This week, we sort The Prophet Velen! “Where faith dwells, hope is never lost.” – The Prophet Velen Velen is like Gandalf meets The Doctor – really old, with a wibbly wobbly timeline […] More

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    Five Movie Licensed Games That Are Actually Good

    If there are two things we’ve come to realize as games cross over with other media, it’s that movies based on games are bad, and equally bad are the games based on movies. Often times, film-licensed games are used as cash-grabs, a simple tie-in created in order to wring more money from your wallets. Hidden […] More

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