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    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp may be Nintendo’s closest counterpart to console predecessors

    Nintendo dedicated its October 24th Nintendo Direct to showcasing the newest Animal Crossing game, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. This is another of Nintendo’s forays into the mobile app market, following Miitomo and Super Mario Run. Pocket Camp is technically slated to release later this month but thanks to the people at Kotaku, I got access to […] More

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    Prey’s opening hour: an interesting if unexciting demo

    Released in 2006, the original Prey was a successful, if not terribly original, science fiction first person shooter. Eleven years and one canceled sequel later, publisher Bethesda is rebooting the franchise with Arkane Studios, known for the Dishonored series, taking development duties. While Arkane’s involvement has piqued some gamers’ interest (myself and Devin Valdivia included), […] More

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    Titanfall 2 E3 Impressions

    I got a chance to preview Titanfall 2 yesterday, an online first-person shooter from Respawn Entertainment. The original Titanfall was a great game with a short life. The majority of its player base phased out after about a month. After playing the game, I fear Titanfall 2 will have a similarly short lifespan. Titanfall was […] More

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    11bit Studios Thinks of the Children with War Child DLC

    This War of Mine is definitely not a game to be played late at night. Not because it’s outright terrifying, but because eventually it has to be turned off and then usually one goes to sleep replaying the events of their playthrough in their head, thinking about the choices they made and how some people […] More