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    Octopath Traveler – Game of the Month

    After a couple months of bare video game releases opening the door for less impactful games, it feels good to have another Game of the Month we’re really excited about. Though July didn’t give us a lot of options, there were a few titles in competition for the honor. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker continued Nintendo’s trend […] More

  • Onrush is Top Shelf Gaming's Game of the Month for June 2018

    Onrush – Game of the Month

    Summertime can be a notorious dry season for gaming, and despite the wealth of quality releases we’ve had this year (with several highly anticipated titles still to come), 2018 has not escaped the drought. For one game in particular, this slower season was the perfect time to rush into the sun-bleached spotlight. Onrush is an […] More

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    Detroit: Become Human – Game of the Month

    The summer months are now upon us and every gamer knows what that means: the inevitable, painstakingly slow drip of video game releases. These past few weeks have been mostly filled with remasters of classic games like Dark Souls, underappreciated gems like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and definitive editions of both Hyrule Warriors and […] More

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    God of War – Game of the Month

    April was a slow month for games. Yakuza 6 rolled through quietly without anybody noticing or caring and Nintendo’s biggest game was a DIY cardboard kit. Perhaps all for the best, because our winner this month might have otherwise massacred other worthy Game of the Year contenders as can happen sometimes in this ruthless gauntlet […] More

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    A Way Out – Game of the Month

    March 2018 had its fair share of high profile releases. Whether it was Sea of Thieves’ lackluster launch or Far Cry 5’s surprisingly refreshing take on the well-worn franchise, gamers had a lot to discuss as the third month of the year drew to a close. While TSG always awards Game of the Month based […] More

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    Shadow of the Colossus – Game of the Month

    February 2018 featured a strange mix of video game releases. Kingdom Come: Deliverance took advantage of the slow month, allowing the game to achieve a widespread level of exposure. Metal Gear: Survive’s extra character slot controversy ensured that Konami’s first game in the series following Hideo Kojima’s departure would be remembered for all the wrong […] More

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    Celeste – Game of the Month

    Every so often a game comes around that surprises you. Looking at this year’s lineup, we can already anticipate greatness from the likes of God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and some others. There were some great games in January, historically a pretty slow month for games with notable exceptions including last year’s Resident […] More

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    Top Shelf Gaming’s 2017 Game of the Year revealed

    After much deliberation, TSG has elected to give our 2017 Game of the Year Award to…The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild! In truth, there wasn’t much of a concerted argument. If you’ve been following this site over the past year you’ve read, or at least seen, numerous articles about this game. But it’s […] More

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    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) – Game of the Month

    The advent of Early Access periods allows developers to put games into the hands of players before they are even close to being ready for launch. In most cases, this lets developers conduct relatively large-scale tests while they examine how the community reacts to their unfinished title as they continue development. It’s important to remember […] More

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    Star Wars Battlefront II – Game of the Month

    It’s important to remember the criteria for which we select Game of the Month winners here at TSG. We don’t select the best game of the month, but the one that represents the most significant impact on the industry and culture. Though sometimes those criteria intersect (look no further than March GotM winner Breath of […] More

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    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – Game of the Month

    Make no mistake, the month of October was chock-full of noteworthy games. From franchise reinventions like Assassin’s Creed Origins, to hotly anticipated sequels like South Park: The Fractured but Whole and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, to the sublime platforming of Super Mario Odyssey, selecting one game out of the overflowing bounty was a challenge. Ultimately, […] More

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    Cuphead – Game of the Month

    Video games are pretty nice to look at these days. From the photorealistic asphalt of Forza Motorsport 7, to the vibrant splatters of Splatoon 2, to the charming pixels of Golf Story, visual competence is a basic expectation for games in 2017. While plenty of titles are still impressing us with their unique style or […] More

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