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  • Onrush is Top Shelf Gaming's Game of the Month for June 2018

    Onrush – Game of the Month

    Summertime can be a notorious dry season for gaming, and despite the wealth of quality releases we’ve had this year (with several highly anticipated titles still to come), 2018 has not escaped the drought. For one game in particular, this slower season was the perfect time to rush into the sun-bleached spotlight. Onrush is an […] More

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    TSG Asks: What game would you replay for the first time?

      I’ve wanted to play multiple games for the first time for a myriad of reasons, but the one I seem to keep coming back to is Halo 3. I’ve beaten that game’s campaign dozens of times and have memorized literally every weapon placement, enemy spawn point, and secret route. It’s all a bit routine […] More

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    Detroit: Become Human – Game of the Month

    The summer months are now upon us and every gamer knows what that means: the inevitable, painstakingly slow drip of video game releases. These past few weeks have been mostly filled with remasters of classic games like Dark Souls, underappreciated gems like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and definitive editions of both Hyrule Warriors and […] More

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    God of War – Game of the Month

    April was a slow month for games. Yakuza 6 rolled through quietly without anybody noticing or caring and Nintendo’s biggest game was a DIY cardboard kit. Perhaps all for the best, because our winner this month might have otherwise massacred other worthy Game of the Year contenders as can happen sometimes in this ruthless gauntlet […] More

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    The meteoric rise of the battle royale genre

    Every once in a while, a game stumbles across a formula that catapults it to unimagined success. Whether it’s a first-person shooter like DOOM that inspired many an offshoot with its visceral and addictive gameplay or DOTA that both spawned and revolutionized the MOBA scene, there’s often one or two games that serve as a […] More

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    Lishan and other game devs bare their souls at IndieCade 2017 on this Celebrity Miitomo compilation

    IndieCade found a new home in 2017 in Little Tokyo at the Japanese American National Museum. We talked to several of the game developers and interviewed them with questions from Miitomo. Among them is Forbe’s 30 Under 30 honoree Lishan AZ who showed off the alternate reality experience Tracking Ida. Here are some of our […] More

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    Vignettes developer dreams of riding a dragon near the ocean on this episode of Celebrity Miitomo.

    Everything is more connected than what it seems on the surface. Armel Gibson explores the relationships between objects in his beautiful and relaxing mobile game Vignettes. Watch as I quiz this Frenchman about authentic French cuisine and his favorite thing about cats. Armel Gibson of Vignettes Platforms: iOS, Android Release Date: PC version coming soon. […] More

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    A Way Out – Game of the Month

    March 2018 had its fair share of high profile releases. Whether it was Sea of Thieves’ lackluster launch or Far Cry 5’s surprisingly refreshing take on the well-worn franchise, gamers had a lot to discuss as the third month of the year drew to a close. While TSG always awards Game of the Month based […] More

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    Leona Yang encourages us to deal with subtle racism head on in this episode of Celebrity Miitomo

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times more: I love IndieCade. One of the reasons why I’m so fond of this convention is because of the organizers’ commitment to featuring socially conscious games. Bigger companies are afraid of the backlash that comes with taking any sort of stance against anything beyond […] More

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    Rhythm Doctor programmer learns you are what you eat on this episode of Celebrity Miitomo

    Just like the perfect loaf of sourdough bread can’t be rushed, I wanted to make sure this next batch of Celebrity Miitomo videos from IndieCade 2017 was given time to properly rise. At least, that’s the story I’m sticking with. Enter Rhythm Doctor, an inventive new rhythm game with a simple mechanic and engaging story. […] More

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