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    Jim Carrey takes on his worst role yet #DailyHotTake

    The post-E3 news cycle is expectedly slow. However, a couple¬†of weeks removed from the conference we are finally starting to see notable game announcements. Check out our first impressions we’ve posted on Twitter using the hashtag #DailyHotTake. The most ambitious crossover in Switch history There hasn’t been a lot of news surrounding Labo since its […] More

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    Nintendo Direct E3 2018 Recap #DailyHotTake

    If you’re new to Top Shelf Gaming, it won’t take you long to realize we’re huge Nintendo fans. That said, the Nintendo Direct for E3 2018 was our most anticipated conference. We didn’t have a strong idea going into what was going to be announced, just that there would be a heavy emphasis on the […] More

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    Sony Press Conference E3 2018 Recap #DailyHotTake

    Sony is leading this console war and has consistently shown over the last several E3’s that they have the best exclusive games. This year, everyone expected them to finally make good on those promises and show us actual gameplay footage of games they’ve talked about for years now. Sony delivered all that and more in […] More

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    Ubisoft Press Conference E3 2018 Recap #DailyHotTake

    All week long we are Live Tweeting the E3 2018 press conferences using the hashtag #DailyHotTake and compiling them all here on Top Shelf Gaming for your convenience. Read the best announcements from the Ubisoft press conference below and tell us what you think about our hot takes. The Greatest Showman Ubisoft knows how to […] More

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    Microsoft Press Conference E3 2018 Recap #DailyHotTake

    We’re experimenting with a new news format called #DailyHotTake. We’re Live Tweeting the E3 2018 press conferences all week using the hashtag #DailyHotTake to share our thoughts as we think them. Here’s a compilation of all our thoughts about the Microsoft Press Conference held in the Microsoft Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. Setting the Tone […] More

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    EA Press Conference E3 2018 Recap #DailyHotTake

    As TSG expands its reach and ventures onto new media platforms, we are constantly trying out new ways to share our thoughts with our readers. We are experimenting with a new format where we Tweet or Retweet news with our own commentary. It’s a quick way for us to share news on Twitter using the […] More