Badge Babes Immortalize Your Main for Blizzcon

(Imagine a deep, epic movie trailer voice.  It’ll be cool.)  Coming to an Anaheim Convention Center near you, November 6 and 7, Blizzcon!

At last year’s Blizzcon, hundreds of players proudly represented their factions and favorite classes by wearing hand drawn badges around their necks by some of the Blizzard community’s most beloved artists.

Instead of the generic badge you’re automatically given, I, like many others, had Noxychu, an illustrator for, make a badge of my main World of Warcraft character in kitty form.

I asked Noxychu what inspired her to start making badges.

“I thought they would be cute, a neat thing for people to have.  Nametags with flare.”  She wants to “bring characters to life” and she does.  My druid kitty beams with the happiest smile on her face like she just defeated a raid boss, stomped a horde ganker, or had her kitty tummy rubbed.

Having a personalized badge is not only an awesome reflection of you, but it’s a great keepsake from the Con.  I strongly identify with my main feral druid.  When I wore my badge at Blizzcon last year, I represented myself (the human behind the computer) as well as my main.  I keep my badge on my fridge and see it every day when I make my coffee.  I remember the Con; the friends I’ve made and the adventures to come.

This year, 10 different artists have collaborated to make Blizzcon badges and lanyards.  You can choose your artist, and from there, customize your frame, character (including expression, pose, and hair), and even go a step further with fun spell effects, mounts or pets.  Some artists include other bonuses including pins and stickers.  Ketsuki, owner of Get Chained on Etsy, is also offering vibrant and customizable lanyards for your badges.

If you want to get a badge this year from one of these stellar artists, you better act quickly!  Some artists are no longer taking orders, but there are a handful that still are.  Visit to see all this year’s talented artists and order your badge today!

Photo credit: Faebelina