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    It’s a Quagmire: The Future of Campaign Mode

    As you’re probably aware (And you more than likely are if you’re skimming a website dedicated to video games and gaming news.) the multiplayer beta for Battlefield 1 recently dropped, allowing players to experience the action-packed melee of trench warfare at a time before penicillin was even a thing. I’ve yet to play it myself, […] More

  • Celebrity Miitomo at the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses

    Celebrity Miitomo: Symphony of the Goddesses Edition!

    Update: The contest is over. Find out who the winner is at 6am PST at this link! It was a sunny afternoon, probably. I was where I usually am on such a lovely day, inside, maybe doing something kind of important. I was in the midst of this when my phone started ringing off the […] More

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    A Traveling Trainer’s Guide to Pokemon GO!

    Pokémon GO has just hit the app store in your country (Maybe) and what in the name of shorts that are comfy and easy to wear are you gonna do about it? Download and jump right in headfirst? Well ease up there, Brash Ketchum, cause I’m bringing you a breakdown of just how the new app […] More

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    Bethesda’s E3 Rundown, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love DLC

    As hype trains continue to pull into many stations, Bethesda sought to add more passengers to their locomotive of extended metaphors that I’ve painted myself into a corner with. Quake Champions Bethesda announced that they had been working on a new iteration of the Quake series. They hoped to bring in players with skill levels […] More

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    The Assassin’s Creed Film Trailer Aims for the Haystack

    It’s finally happened; what seemed to be rumors relegated to more unreliable news sources and Facebook a few years ago have finally come to fruition. Michael Fassbender is our new Assassin’s Creed. Hollywood has squinted cockeyed at the new Warcraft movie and thought “I bet we can make more like these.” The trailer dropped and […] More

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    Michael’s Guestballs – Jet Set Radio

    A while back we wrote about Sega’s release of several classic games for free on Steam. Of course I, as any enterprising yet flat broke gamer would do, jumped on the prospect of getting my hands on pieces of gaming history for literally nothing. After puzzling over what the Hell Yeah series entailed I instead switched […] More

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    Stay of Execution: Why the Assassin’s Creed Delay is Actually Great

    Recently it came to light that Ubisoft was delaying the release of the next installment in the Assassin’s Creed series for a year. This, despite the upcoming release of the next installment of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, seemed to be an interesting move for the company who’s already releasing a new Far Cry this year along […] More

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    Where in the World is Hideo Kojima Pt. IV: The Indie Awakens

    The strange saga of Hideo Kojima and his now former employer Konami has come to a close: Yesterday the Metal Gear creator tweeted that the day marked the end of his contract with Konami and “a new start” for him and his new independent company Kojima Productions. A Playstation Network video released the same day […] More

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    Intimacy, Gaming, and IndieCade

    As video games grow to represent stories and character more realistically, one of the most important facets to nail is inter-personal relationships, and especially intimacy. There’s only so much that strategically-crafted dialogue choices and painstakingly-animated cut scenes can convey, and more often than not it’s not much. During this past IndieCade during a panel entitled […] More

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    Far Cry to a Simpler Time

    With the announcement of Far Cry Primal, the Far Cry team seems to be signaling a return the basics. The very, VERY basics. So basic, in fact, that making fire with flint and dry wood is considered the height of technology. According to Ubisoft, Far Cry Primal puts the player in the fur-and-hide boots of […] More

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    The Authoritarian Underbelly of Fallout Shelter

    I’ve been playing Fallout Shelter since it hit Android in August, and I’ve been pretty addicted; the game is essentially a Farmville clone set in the Fallout universe, but I’ll be damned if I’m not checking in every day to make sure my dwellers have plenty of non-irradiated water. However, as I’ve been playing I’ve […] More

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    Where in the World is Hideo Kojima Pt. III: A New Hope

    Good news has appeared on the horizon for anyone hoping for Kojima/del Toro Scare-a-ganza. In a July 24 interview with IGN Guillermo del Toro stated that he and Hideo Kojima still plan on working on a game together. He went on to discuss the Silent Hills that could have been: “We were in the planning stages, […] More

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