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    TSG Asks: Should questionable development practices affect game reviews?

    Making video games is a difficult business. From one-man passion projects to small independent studios to massive, international development teams, it doesn’t matter how many people you have working on a game it will always be a struggle to make great art. This difficulty often leads to unreasonable work hours and inordinate amounts of anxiety, […] More

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    TSG Asks: What game do you still need to finish?

    Finishing video games can be quite the ordeal. While some games can be completed in a single afternoon sitting, others can be 100+ hour projects that require investment, commitment, and endurance to power through. Beyond sheer size, there are other factors that can get in the way like not having a buddy to play a […] More

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    TSG Asks: What sequel is better than the original?

    Creating a good sequel can be tricky. Developers usually want to improve aspects of the previous game that worked while also changing aspects of the series so that it can evolve in a meaningful way. Sometimes this causes a series’ later entries to look nothing like their predecessors while other times they can appear surprisingly […] More

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    TSG Asks: What game needs a sequel?

    It’s always hard to know whether a video game series has ended or not. Sometimes the most critically acclaimed games are just one-off adventures through a singular world. Sometimes a franchise never ends. And sometimes the best ideas are just never revisited. But if Beyond Good and Evil 2 can be revealed a full 13 […] More

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    Marvel’s Spider-Man – Game of the Month

    Originally announced at E3 2016, Marvel’s Spider-Man has easily been one of the most closely followed and anticipated game releases of the generation. It is the latest in a line of exceptional AAA PS4 exclusive single-player titles, made by top-tier developer Insomniac Games, with the full support of both Sony and Marvel, and based on […] More

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    TSG Asks: What is your favorite video game to watch?

    Sometimes it can be difficult to muster the energy to play video games. The mental energy required to immerse yourself in another world can be restrictive depending on the time or amount of focus you have to devote on any given day. At the end of a long day of work or class, it’s often […] More

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    TSG Asks: What game series won you back?

    It can be difficult to watch the progression of a video game franchise. Sometimes they change a lot between entries, moving away from the pillars that made people fans in the first place. A lot of times they barely change at all, becoming sterile reiterations rather than fresh new takes. Gamers themselves can develop new […] More

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    TSG Asks: What 2018 game are you most excited for?

    It’s a tale as old as time. Gamers struggle through the hot summer months, running through backlogs and revisiting nostalgic releases as the slow drip of new games steadily progresses. Then the end of Summer hits and the gaming world enters that manic, magic time of the end year release season. The hits just keep […] More

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    Dead Cells – Game of the Month

    August is a strange month for games. Falling just before the annual Fall release deluge while still being part of the Summer drought, Game of the Year favorites can emerge at this time one year while the next can be a barren wasteland. This August featured a variety of titles including HD remasters of classics […] More

  • TSG Asks: What makes Spider-Man special?

    TSG Asks: What makes Marvel’s Spider-Man special?

    It’s rare that a game is a day-one purchase for each of us here at TSG, yet Spider-Man is one of those thrilling occasions. We can’t stop thinking and talking about the game…so we’ve decided to talk about it some more! Whether it’s taking in the New York landscape, investing ourselves in characters, or following […] More

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    TSG Asks: What anticipated game lived up to the hype?

    It’s easy to buy into a video game’s hype. As gamers we all want to see crazy new experiences, feel the excitement of waiting for them, and hope with fingers crossed that they end up as good as our fantasies. Unfortunately, the industry’s hype machine is very good at building excitement for games that ultimately […] More

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