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    Game of the Month Recap: Celeste (Jan 2018)

    We’re trying out an idea we’ve had for quite some time now. Moving forward, all of our Game of the Month winner announcements will be accompanied by a video. Instead of awkwardly starting in October, we’ve decided to catch for the whole year. Expect one Game of the Month video every week through January until […] More

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    What happens when you combine Super Mario Party with alcohol?

    Mario Party has been turning friends into enemies since 1998. Everyone on staff has fond memories of playing the Nintendo 64 entries. Over the years, the game has strayed away from its classic board game formula, but Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch is a true return to form. So the Top Shelf Gaming staff […] More

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    Trust Sircle Podcast Ep. 36: How does Marvel’s Spider-Man compare to the Batman Arkham series?

    It’s not often that the entire TSG staff all plays the same game to completion so that they’re able to talk about it. In another special episode of Trust Sircle, the boys compare the action-packed Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 to its spiritual successor: The Batman Arkham series. Supplement Reading TSG Asks: What makes Marvel’s Spider-Man […] More

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    Wandersong’s commitment to non-violence is both endearing and frustrating

    Everybody faces conflict. Sometimes these conflicts are mild inconveniences while other times they are unexpected, unavoidable, and life-threatening. The latter is often true in video games, which, by their nature, are filled with obstacles that will impede your progress or end your play session altogether. For decades, mindless violence has been the primary method in […] More

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    Watch the first 19 minutes of the deliciously colorful Wandersong

    I’ve had my eye on Wandersong since I first saw the trailer back in January. Successfully funded through Kickstarter, Wandersong follows a jovial bard in his quest to save the world through song. If it sounds silly, perhaps to the point of absurdity, that’s because it is. Creator Greg Lobanov knows this and addresses this […] More

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    Our favorite references from Guacamelee 2

    Despite being one of the best looking and feeling Metroidvania games of the modern era, Guacamelee was heavily criticized for its excessive use of memes and pop culture references. The folks at Drinkbox Studios carefully considered this feedback and determined that for the sequel, the best thing to do would be to double down on […] More

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    Not even the death of Cayde can bring us back to Destiny 2 #DailyHotTake

    What’s better than a bunch of PAX announcements? A bunch of announcements from before PAX! Welcome to another edition of #DailyHotTake. Destiny 2 Forsaken calls for lost guardians These hot takes are a bit negative, but Marcus is actually quite excited for Destiny 2 Forsaken. The new game mode Gambit is addicting and the story […] More

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