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    Nintendo’s decade-long struggle with technology

    When Nintendo unveiled the Wii in 2006 the console was a shock to the video game industry. Motion controls had long been a dream of gamers and the Big N’s console seemed poised to open the gateway into a new future. The underside of the reveal was the console’s underwhelming technical specifications, especially compared to […] More

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    Three games with rewarding difficulty settings

    Difficulty in video games is a tricky thing. While developers want players to enjoy playing their game, they also want to provide a challenge. Finding the sweet spot between “too accessible the game basically plays itself” and “so maddeningly frustrating you’ll need a few backup controllers” can actually be tougher than it seems. Most video games […] More

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    How Netflix’s Castlevania Series Succeeds

    The animated Castlevania series on Netflix show adapts the popular action-adventure franchise’s third entry into a four episode first season…and hot damn is it good, even becoming the first video game adaptation to receive a “Fresh” certification from Rotten Tomatoes. Four episodes is a bit of a tease and possibly the result of Netflix trying […] More

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    Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Ticket Winner Announced

    Congratulations to Daniel for winning our ticket giveaway! Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to the Zelda Symphony for allowing us to interview you and providing tickets. See you next year! Daniel will have until noon today to claim the tickets or another winner will be drawn. Win Two Tickets to The Legend […] More

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    Why I put down A Link to the Past

    When you ask fans of The Legend of Zelda what the best game in the franchise is you’re bound to get a smattering of answers. It’s a loaded question, one that often involves diving into nostalgic childhood memories. Yet every time I see a ranking of the Zelda games there are usually two at the top: […] More

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    Why Mario Kart 8 “Deluxe” makes me feel weird

    Aside from Disneyland, Nintendo might just be the kings of reselling you childhood memories. For years the company has traded on nostalgia generated from its past endeavors, but the recent release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has me feeling a bit more suspect than their usual efforts. The original Mario Kart 8 was a massive […] More

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    Prey’s opening hour: an interesting if unexciting demo

    Released in 2006, the original Prey was a successful, if not terribly original, science fiction first person shooter. Eleven years and one canceled sequel later, publisher Bethesda is rebooting the franchise with Arkane Studios, known for the Dishonored series, taking development duties. While Arkane’s involvement has piqued some gamers’ interest (myself and Devin Valdivia included), […] More

  • Hanamura Showdown Heroes of the Storm

    Overwatch’s Hanamura is coming to Heroes of the Storm

    Blizzard, the king of cross-game promotions, is at it again, refining their MOBA Heroes of the Storm and infusing it with some Overwatch. A large patch titled “Heroes of the Storm 2.0” was just recently released, kicking off a month-long event called “Hanamura Showdown” that will end on May 22nd. Until that time players will have […] More

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    Three things Majora’s Mask did better than Breath of the Wild

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out for almost two months now. It’s a fantastic game that not only establishes a new identity for the storied franchise, but that rethinks the nature of open world games. After a period of unprecedented acclaim, however, it’s time to look at Breath of the […] More

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    What Final Fantasy should learn from Breath of the Wild

    Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda are two of the most legendary franchises in gaming. Both have been the wellspring for not just one, but several classic titles that defined the industry for years. However, both series have experienced something of a downward trend over the past ten years for relatively similar reasons. Final […] More

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    How Breath of the Wild redefines the Zelda series

    In 1998, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time crafted the template that Zelda games would follow for almost twenty years. Though each game in the series has had its own flair, such as Wind Waker’s high seas adventure or Skyward Sword’s more linear progression, the series has stayed true to the formula laid down […] More

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    Horizon Zero Dawn review: beauty in the apocalypse

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is a remarkable game. Developed by Guerilla Games, creators of the Killzone franchise, it represents the studio’s first foray into third-person action and open world games. For such a significant departure from Guerilla’s previous mode of operation, Horizon manages to be a surprisingly polished, inventive, and even moving experience with some of […] More

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