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    What Red Dead Redemption 2 understands about open-world games that Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey doesn’t

    This October saw the release of two epically large open-world games: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption 2. It isn’t fair to pit these two against each other for the sake of determining which is better. It’s Red Dead Redemption 2. That game had the benefit of nearly eight years in development and a […] More

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    The moment that made me love Wandersong

    I started Wandersong shortly after completing Marvel’s Spider-Man. Going from a big-budget AAA console-exclusive title to a small, independent game was a jarring play experience for me to say the least, but the lighthearted tone of the game’s opening and the charmingly incessant optimism of The Bard endeared me to what I expected to be […] More

  • Ranking the Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus



    Shadow of the Colossus: Ranking the 16 Colossi

    Shadow of the Colossus contains some of the most awe-inspiring battles in the history of gaming. Every fight with the titular colossi emphasizes different aspects of the player’s abilities and adds to the story in meaningful ways, yet it’s impossible not to walk away feeling irritated by some and slack-jawed by others. While we loved […] More

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    Combating video game fatigue with God of War

    About 20 hours through God of War, I was sprinting from a boat dock to a shop in order to unlock a new piece of armor I’d had my eyes on for hours. Kratos threw open the shop’s gilded black doors for what felt like the twentieth time and rushed to the shop. Nabbing the […] More

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    Why you should care about video games: Celeste

    It’s rare that I find myself getting emotional during a story. My stoic personality generally deflects the manifestation of physical emotional reactions to movies, books, poetry, and, yes, video games. Yet halfway through Celeste’s brief but powerful journey, my eyes started to water. The game tackles so many of life’s struggles, especially anxiety and depression, […] More

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    A Way Out represents the future of video games

    A Question and an Answer? Video games are a difficult medium to understand. If you are and have been a gamer this might not seem to be the case. After years of pattern recognition and immersion in the multitude of varied genres, it’s easy to forget how intimidating the form can be to those looking […] More

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    Halo 3 revisited: a timeless campaign

    When it released in 2007, Halo 3 had enormous expectations to live up to. The previous two games in the series defined the first person shooter genre on consoles in terms of single-player and multiplayer components, and many gamers looked to this third entry to do the same. On release, Halo 3 received almost universal […] More

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    Going with the flow in Newt One

    Video games can appeal to people for a number of reasons. Some offer the satisfaction of conquering unreasonably difficult challenges. Others present complex stories with interesting characters. Still more exist simply for the sake of having fun. Newt One, a new 3D platformer from 2-man indie developer DevNAri, lands closest to that latter category. A […] More

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    Remembering Final Fantasy XV’s excellent first half

    Last year I compared Final Fantasy XV unfavorably to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. My primary point of criticism was the game’s split identity between an open-ended first half and a linear second half that emphasized an improperly developed narrative. Despite this, the game’s first half is still a fantastic example of […] More

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