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  • Cloud and Aerith

    Every Cloud Has a Bloody Lining?

    If you don’t know by now that Aerith dies in Final Fantasy VII, it’s time to ascend the hard road to adulthood and come to terms with this tragedy. While most of us would like to pretend like it never happened, a peculiar little group in the gaming community would prefer to subject us all […] More

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    Where No Man’s Sky Has Gone Before

    Video game enthusiasts, mathematicians, artists, astronomers, and general geeks alike are abuzz over indie studio Hello Games’ much-anticipated title No Man’s Sky. The enormous game from the tiny developer has dominated conversations in the field through media like E3 conferences, IGN First’s game of the month in July, and more. Though certainly many of its […] More

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    Persona 5 may have been delayed but it will be worth the wait

    “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.  I fear something terrible has happened.” -Obi Wan Kenobi While it might not be quite as serious as the utter obliteration of Alderaan, Atlus fans—including yours truly—certainly were dismayed to hear that the […] More