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    Bandit’s Shark Showdown Aids Stroke Survivors

    Recently, I wrote about a game called Project: EVO, which seeks to treat childhood ADHD without the use of medication. It’s the flagship release in creator Alkali Interactive Lab’s Electronic Medicine ™ movement, but the intersection of STEM and gaming with an eye towards medical intervention is being explored throughout both industries. One of the […] More

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    Introducing Linkle: The Gender-Bent Link

    Over its nearly 30 year history, the Legend of Zelda franchise has put players in the boots of silent protagonist, Link, across numerous reincarnations. We’ve saved Hyrule as adult Link, explored his younger years, taken on a different animation style as Toon Link, and even changed species in a brief stint as a wolf. But […] More

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    Live Another Life with AFK Webseries

    AFK, which stands for “Away From Keyboard”, is a term commonly used to signify when a player will be “momentarily unavailable online”. Quite fittingly, the premise of AFK, a new webseries released Friday on YouTube, explores the total collapse between game and reality. Players wake up inside of their game, but, even more disorienting, they […] More

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    A Video Game A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    Earlier this week, video games were brought up at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s 62nd annual meeting. Contrary to what most people would expect, it was not to demonize video games, but rather, to celebrate what they could do to improve the mental health of our nation’s youth. Enter Project: EVO, a […] More

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    The Many Lives of Gamers: 5 Games to Challenge Your World Views

    Video games are a viscerally vicarious medium. They allow us to step into a new identity with new skills, new personalities, and new histories and we fully accept and embrace the roles we are given –almost without question. Over the course of the game, we walk miles upon miles in the shoes of someone else […] More

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    Go Catch ‘Em All at Real-Life Pokémon Gym

    It’s been nearly 20 years since Pokémon fans first aspired to catch ‘em all. From video games to TV shows and movies to trading cards and all other manners of merchandise, Pokémon has permeated all facets of popular culture. But starting this November 19th, fantasy and reality will collide in the franchise’s latest evolution: a […] More

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    Upsilon Circuit: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Game

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone crossed Tron with The Hunger Games and made a video game out of it? Well… now you won’t have to. Indie game studio, Robot Loves Kitty, has created just that in a game so revolutionary that the best way I can describe it is once-in-a-lifetime. Because, […] More

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    Pharrell Makes a Splash with The Battle for Big Blue

    As if we needed another reason to love Pharrell Williams. The ten-time Grammy winner is a man of many hats: an accomplished musician/singer/rapper/songwriter/producer, entrepreneur, fashion designer, environmental activist, and now, video game designer. Pharrell just released a free mobile game called The Battle for Big Blue to raise awareness about the alarming plastic pollution problem in […] More

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    Chipotle’s Latest Fight Against GMOs is Out of This World

    As far as Chipotle is concerned, Taste may very well be the Final Frontier. Earlier this week, Chipotle released Taste Invaders –a “galactic battle against artificial ingredients” –that, much like the name suggests, is their campy, clever take on the arcade classic, Space Invaders. Players take a stand against the aggressive approach of additives and […] More

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    Offsides: Calling a Foul on the NCAA’s Latest Power Play with Fifa 16

    It’s a great day for gaming and an even better day for soccer fans. Last week, EA Sports released FIFA 16, the much-anticipated installment in its powerhouse franchise. Among all of its many bells and whistles, perhaps the game’s most noteworthy selling point is its inclusion of 12 women’s national teams –a first in the […] More

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    A Change in Creed: Ubisoft Promotes Multiculturalism with a Transgender Character in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

    The upcoming installment of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise (slated for release on October 23rd) embraces diversity with open arms. After scrapping the female avatar from its previous AC title, Ubisoft has recommitted itself in a sincere attempt at inclusivity. Most notably, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate includes a transgender NPC named Ned Wynert -a first for the […] More