First Footage of the Knights of the Old Republic: Apeiron Remaster Revealed

The first footage for the Unreal Engine 4 remaster of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic hit the internet. Indie game development team Poem Studios released pre-alpha gameplay footage for KotOR: Apeiron on March 3, showing off the redesigned versions of Taris, Tatooine, and the Endar Spire. Along with the updated graphics, Apeiron will include new gameplay modes, missions, items, and companion characters.

The legality of a full remake of a Disney intellectual property has been called into question early in the game’s development. The studio believes, however, that because Apeiron is a full conversion mod, meaning it can only be run when installed to a previously-purchased version of Knights of the Old Republic, it more than satisfies the legal requirements. Citing other upscaled modifications of popular games, including Black Mesa (the Half Life remake) and Renegade X (the Command & Conquer remake), it is Poem Studio’s desire to release the mod entirely for free in order to enhance the play experience for one of the most highly-regarded RPGs of the last two decades.

Knights of the Old Republic is one of my favorite games by far. I cannot count how many times I’ve played and replayed it. An official high-definition remake was rumored to be in development last year, but as there has been no word concerning the project since, Apeiron more than fills the void. It’s a highly ambitious project, and not solely because of it’s status as an HD mod. Finding ways to improve on a game now considered a classic is difficult for modern AAA developers, let alone for an independent team. Inclusion of a first-person perspective and new content is intriguing. I hope that it just isn’t too lofty of an ask for Poem Studios. I’m looking forward to experiencing Apeiron once it’s released.

[Source: Apeiron]

Written by Lee Feldman

Lee is a writer, game designer, and graduate student from Los Angeles, California. As a gamer, he is primarily inspired by fascinating worlds with deep stories, rich characters, and sharp gameplay, with a love of games both old and new. When he isn't collecting rare NES cartridges, he can be found obsessing over mixed martial arts.

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