Two Worlds III Announced

Quite the big news for RPG lovers, TopWare Interactive recently announced that Two Worlds III is finally in development while Two Worlds II is getting some DLC and a massive update to its engine. Considering Two Worlds II came out back in 2011, now, five years later, is a solid time to be announcing the next entry to the series. However, according to their post on Facebook, this third game has a 36-month timeline and it is currently in its “concept stage”. It would have been nice if the game was a little further along in the process, but players have gotten more accustomed to waiting for grand projects over the years.

Besides that, the massive update they mentioned will actually serve two purposes. First, it is to ensure the quality of the new DLC that will include up to eight multiplayer maps and two solo expansions, called Call of the Tenebrae and Shattered Embrace. The Call of Tenebrae will come out mid-2016 and follows the hero’s return to Antaloor and his dealings with the new threat of creatures known as ‘The Chosen.’ The second purpose of the revamped engine will be to lay down the groundwork for the Two Worlds III. Overall, players can expect from this update a “much higher level of character landscape detail…tons of in-game achievements, co-op multiplayer, and lots of new in-game features and upgrades.”

Though development is still in the early stages for Two Worlds III, TopWare encourages fans to keep tabs on the company, as they will be releasing more information in the upcoming months.

[Source: Facebook]

Written by Evan Burkin

He studied creative writing and business administration while attending Chapman University. Currently, he's a grant writer and copywriter by day and a gamer by night. He has a particular love for SRPGs, and he will gladly waste away entire weeks grinding his team to perfection.

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