Capcom Handles Street Fighter V Bugs

You’ve probably heard about the host of launch issues that Street Fighter V is facing, if you haven’t experienced them for yourself yet. Well, good news, Capcom finally announced that their team has tackled the issues. They have stated that login and intermittent connectivity issues should occur less often. Matchmaking issues should also be completely fixed as they identified the root of the problem. Hooray!

However, PC users have had an array of other issues and Capcom has been busy trying to figure out the specifics. To solve any issues with Fighter ID corruption Capcom asks that you follow the steps listed in their post here. If you have been experiencing boot-up/crashing issues, Capcom believes that your Anti-Virus software is preventing the game executable from launching due to a false-positive error. Thus, they recommend users add StreetFighterV.exe and/or the game installation directory to the exclusion list.

The team is still looking into other reasons that might be causing crashes as well as listening to and figuring out possible solutions to PC user feedback. For example, they are trying to figure out the best way to include Native DirectInput Support as well as expanded key-rebinding functionality.

Overall, players should now have a much more enjoyable and smoother experience on both the PS4 and PC. Though producer Yoshinori Ono was quick to apologize when things began to fall apart, Capcom is persistent in reminding its fans that they are listening and want to make this Street Fighter one of the best:

“Street Fighter V is a living and breathing platform that will continue to improve and evolve over time with more features and content. With that being said, we’d like to assure you that we are always listening to your feedback and with your help, we will continue to find ways to make Street Fighter V better and better. So please, keep the feedback coming and thanks for your support!”

With that said, I’m going to be throw myself in and see if any bugs continue to mess around with my gaming time.
[Source: Steam]

Written by Evan Burkin

He studied creative writing and business administration while attending Chapman University. Currently, he's a grant writer and copywriter by day and a gamer by night. He has a particular love for SRPGs, and he will gladly waste away entire weeks grinding his team to perfection.

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