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    Game of the Month – Cuphead

    Video games are pretty nice to look at these days. From the photorealistic asphalt of Forza Motorsport 7, to the vibrant splatters of Splatoon 2, to the charming pixels of Golf Story, visual competence is a basic expectation for games in 2017. While plenty of titles are still impressing us with their unique style or […] More

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    Inversus Deluxe is a minimalist shooter that belongs in every competitive Switch owner’s arsenal

    It wasn’t until I’d put the game down after my first few hours of playtime that I realized why I’d gotten sucked into Inversus Deluxe.  It wasn’t the minimalist art style, the geometrically pleasing tiles or the simple color scheme.  It wasn’t the comfortable controls, the dozens of unlockable maps, or the brief but effective […] More

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    TSG Asks: What is one game you discovered unexpectedly?

    There are just too many great games out there. There are likely dozens of games out there that we would love but have just never heard of. That’s why it’s such a great feeling to come across a great game that wasn’t on our radars, like this story of how one of our writers first […] More

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    Discord launches verified servers

    Game developers and publishers will be able to sign up for verified servers on the official website for Discord. These servers will be run by community managers and employees of the verified companies, and players will be able to join the official Discord channel to give them a chance to “get official news and updates, […] More

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    Cuphead and why it’s okay to fail

    Society in general greatly privileges success. We want to succeed, to be the best that we can be at whatever we do. Failure, on the other hand, is viewed as something to be avoided. But is failing really that bad? Shouldn’t we be able to see the value that comes from failure; that from it, […] More

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    Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon reveals story in new trailer

    The newest trailer for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon from the Official Pokémon YouTube Channel boasts that players can “travel beyond Alola” via the ultra wormholes. Introduced in its predecessor, Pokemon Sun and Moon, players access through portals by riding on Legendary Pokémon from the previous installment, Solgaleo or Lunala. The trailer displays various locations […] More

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    Team Fortress 2 just turned 10 years old

    This past Tuesday, October 10, Team Fortress 2 celebrated its 10th birthday since it’s release in 2007.  This year also saw the 18th birthday of the official series as whole, as the original Team Fortress was released on April 7, 1999.  Although no formal update or celebration has been announced by Valve yet, players are […] More

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