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    “We didn’t really have anything that wasn’t already released to the public” on adding Breath of the Wild Music to the Zelda Symphony

    We hope you enjoyed our behind-the-scenes video of the Zelda Symphony last week. We’re now thrilled to share with you the first of several of the full interviews with producer Jason Michael Paul we filmed that night. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild released this year to glorious universal acclaim. We asked JMP to […] More

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    Three games with rewarding difficulty settings

    Difficulty in video games is a tricky thing. While developers want players to enjoy playing their game, they also want to provide a challenge. Finding the sweet spot between “too accessible the game basically plays itself” and “so maddeningly frustrating you’ll need a few backup controllers” can actually be tougher than it seems. Most video games […] More

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    Splatoon 2 – Game of the Month

    Make no mistake, Nintendo is hell-bent on winning you back with a boombox held over its head playing a song that croons, “I’ll give you what you want. I’ll give you all the games you need.” It’s an overplayed move, but you’re a sucker for a grand gesture. Our staff was swept off our feet […] More

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    TSG Asks: Which genre do you no longer play?

    Gamers’ tastes change. Whether it’s for personal or social reasons, our preferences for gameplay style, aesthetic, and overall experience develops as we try new things. Sometimes this leads us to explore new kinds of experiences, and sometimes we find ourselves rarely playing games from a genre we loved. This week on TSG Asks we take […] More

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    Games that make you feel powerful

    Games are an escape. They allow us to flee from our mundane realities and enter worlds where we feel empowered by incredible abilities. Of course, when you suddenly grant someone god-like powers, they’ll go around and see what pandemonium (read: fun) they can cause. Luckily, as games are an aforementioned escape, it’s safe to give […] More

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    TSG Asks: What game do you wish was longer?

    This week on TSG we’re talking about games that should have given us just a bit more. Whether providing a small, slow stream of content or being unable to satisfactorily resolve a game’s narrative threads, these games left us unsatisfied. Our question for this week is: I really wish Titanfall 2 had been longer. That […] More

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    How Netflix’s Castlevania Series Succeeds

    The animated Castlevania series on Netflix show adapts the popular action-adventure franchise’s third entry into a four episode first season…and hot damn is it good, even becoming the first video game adaptation to receive a “Fresh” certification from Rotten Tomatoes. Four episodes is a bit of a tease and possibly the result of Netflix trying […] More

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    Crash N. Sane Trilogy does something awesome with DLC

    Downloadable content can be a contentious topic among gamers. Originally seen as an opportunity to expand our digital adventures, DLC is now often lamented and treated with suspicion. Whether it’s pay-to-win items in a freemium game or currency to open a loot chest, gamers are resistant to having to pay more money on top of […] More

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    TSG Asks: What upcoming game are you most excited for?

    Welcome back to another edition of TSG Asks where we pose a weekly question to the Top Shelf Gaming team and share their responses. With the annual deluge of games hitting store shelves in the coming fall/winter months we decided to answer that most timely of questions: This seems like a pretty generic pick, but […] More