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  • ICU is a game you should know

    I.C.U. – Games You Don’t Know (But you should)

    Not all  game experiences are easy to categorize. Though first-person shooters and battle arena games permeate the modern multiplayer landscape, there is a rising trend in games which break the mold. Picture DayZ or Minecraft, in which emergent gameplay is king, or the Twitch Plays Pokemon phenomenon which blends mass user data input to a […] More

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    New Final Fantasy Vinyl Albums are Up for Pre-Order!

    This monday, Laced Records made an exciting announcement for any die-hard fans of Final Fantasy: vinyl concert albums featuring music from Final Fantasy and the famous Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo are now available for pre-order! The Final Fantasy album will feature music from Final Fantasies VI, VII, and X while the Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo album will […] More

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    Uncharted movie gets new director

    Sony has announced that Shawn Levy will be the director for the Uncharted film adaptation. Levy has directed several episodes of the acclaimed Netflix show Stranger Things, and has stated that he will return to direct more episodes for the show’s second season. In addition, he has several movie credits to his name such as […] More

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    Nintendo Switch Runs on Custom NVIDIA Tegra Processor

    Shortly after the announcement of the Nintendo Switch (formerly known as the NX), NVIDIA announced that their chipset would be powering the device’s internals. Built on a custom version of the agile Tegra mobile chipset, primarily used in NVIDIA’s own tablet devices, the Switch will hold a graphics processor “based on the same architecture as […] More

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    Nintendo Switch will not support Wii U discs or 3DS cartridges

    An interview carried out by Japanese website Famitsu with a Nintendo representative revealed that the Nintendo Switch console will not be backwards compatible with Wii U discs or Nintendo 3DS cartridges. The representative emphasized the new console will not be a “successor” to the previous consoles and that it will use its own type of […] More

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    4 innovative lessons I learned from 4 IndieCade events

    IndieCade 2016 was my first time attending a video game convention and it did not disappoint. As you might tell from the picture above, the team was having a blast even before we stepped through the doors. That excitement didn’t die down the whole day, and while my fellow interns explored the amazing games (read […] More

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    Shadow Warrior 2 developers take a stand against DRM and anti-piracy software

    Developers Artu Maksara and Tadeusz Zielinski of Flying Wild Hog’s newly released Shadow Warrior 2 voiced their position against using digital rights management (DRM) and anti-piracy software like Denuvo in their games on account of it not “[working], nor [being] good for the players”. They have followed up on this by releasing Shadow Warrior 2 […] More

  • Nintendo Switch tablet and Wii U Gamepad

    The Wii U reminds us the games in the Nintendo Switch trailer are probably just concepts

    The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s new hybrid console, was unveiled via a trailer on Wednesday. The 3-minute showcase featured really attractive and trendy millennials using the new console everywhere from expertly furnished living rooms, on airplanes, and even basketball courts. It is clear that Nintendo is trying to target an older crowd. People are generally on […] More

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