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    Super Soul Bros play Celebrity Miitomo

    Live video game music has significantly grown in popularity over the past decade. Outside of orchestral video game performances like The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses or Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions, one band leads the pack in video game covers. The Super Soul Bros are a 6-piece soul and funk outfit who specialize in […] More

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    The Nintendo NX Is Portable and Uses Cartridges

    July 26th was a day like any other summertime Tuesday. Comic-Con had just ended, so it was probably going to be a slow news day. It was hot and muggy both outside and inside, and many a TSG news writer was sweating it out by their computer, waiting anxiously for the next gaming news tidbit or spontaneous announcement. […] More

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    Overwatch fans offended that Symmetra character skins are offensive

    Religious statesman Rajan Zed expressed concerns about two of Overwatch’s alternate character skins for Symmetra which draw inspiration from Hindu goddesses, requesting the removal of the skins from the game. An excerpt from the official statement said the following: “Rajan Zed indicated that reimagining Hindu scriptures, symbols, concepts and deities for commercial or other agenda […] More

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    Sega Announces Two(!) New “Sonic” Games for 2017

    Sega announced at Comic-Con that everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog and, more recently, social media memester Sonic the Hedgehog will be returning with two new games in 2017. The first game, titled Sonic Mania, is an old-school 2D platformer in the vein of the original Sega Genesis titles. Sega is developing the title in conjunction with Christian […] More

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    Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts: Baine Bloodhoof

    Welcome back to Sorting Warcraft into Hogwarts, where I sort leaders of Azeroth into Hogwarts Houses! Part one of this series delved into the leaders of the Alliance and their attributes. Now, we begin part two and the leaders of the Horde. Due to the vast wealth of lore on Horde leaders, as well as my limited exposure to […] More

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    Smash Community “bans” together after sexual assault during Evo 2016

    Professional Super Smash Bros. player Cristian “Hyuga” Medina molested 19 year-old commentator and streamer VikkiKitty in her sleep after Day 2 of the 2016 Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas. VikkiKitty posted her account of the situation on Twitter. The assault happened after her boyfriend DJ Jack agreed to let a drunk Hyuga stay in their hotel […] More

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    NES Classic Edition Brings “Old-School” Nintendo to the 21st Century

    Nintendo is planning to release a smaller, cheaper version of the Nintendo Entertainment System called the “NES Classic Edition”. This bite-sized classic console clone will run for 60 dollars, and will come preloaded with 30 of the NES’ most-loved games. The outward appearance emulates the original console, and includes a controller that is designed to function […] More

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    Zelda Ticket Winner Announced

    Congratulations to Michelle for winning our ticket giveaway. She has already claimed her tickets so there is no chance for a redraw. Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you for the Zelda Symphony for allowing us to interview you and providing tickets for us. See you next year! Zelda Symphony Ticket Giveaway 2016 More

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    New Overwatch character widens feminist ideals. Called your grandma lately?

    To all you Overwatch players out there, Blizzard announced a new update introducing a new character. Ana is a sniper, but has a support role. That’s right, a healing sniper. Her abilities include: a Biotic Rifle which restores health to teammates and deals damage to opponents, has scope zoom to help accuracy of shots, a Sleep Dart […] More

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    Hyrule Comes to Life with the Symphony of the Goddesses

    Update: The contest is over. Find out who the winner is at 6am PST at this link! I walked down the hallway, fluorescent light bouncing off linoleum tiles. But that wasn’t the only thing bouncing. As I strode forward, the soft crescendo of music began to ring in my ears. It flowed and lilted as […] More

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    Pokémon Go Helps Players Mental Health

    Pokémon Go was released last week in the United States, and it’s making waves, but not for the reason you might think (like the surge in missed connections on Craigslist and the discovery of a dead body). Pokémon Go is helping people improve their mental health by having players engage with the world around them. Over the past […] More

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