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    Blastoise to Be a Volunteer Firefighter: GameXplain Analyzes Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer

    On Friday morning, Nintendo debunked theories surrounding the release of Pokemon Ebony/Ivory, Paper/Plastic, and Mitosis/Miosis by officially announcing the release of Pokemon Sun/Moon. They did so with a short, Nintendo Direct announcement that contained 6 seconds of concept art. Now a normal fan would come upon this concept art, mutter “Huh. Neat,” and continue to […] More

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    Street Fighter V Inputs Rage Quitter Retribution

    Capcom released a statement recently saying that this upcoming week will be the beginning of rage quitter retribution in Street Fighter V. In other words, Capcom took note of community complaints about players disconnecting to retain their League Points and win streaks. That’s something that can easily destroy any joy in a competitive community and […] More

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    Fire Emblem Fates Blazes the Series to New Heights

    Fire Emblem Fates, the newest title in the fan favorite Fire Emblem series, released to both critical and fan acclaim last week in the United States. With its unique distribution model, more than 300,000 units were sold between all versions of the game during its launch weekend, becoming the fastest selling game in in the […] More

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    Kanye West Names New Album “Turbo Grafx 16” After Retro Video Console

    Highly controversial and productive rapper Kanye West tweeted that his new album, purportedly coming this summer, will be titled “Turbo Grafx 16”. The name comes from a video game console, called the TurboGrafx-16, released in 1987 by Hudson Soft and NEC. West had previously tweeted that he would release a new album this summer, despite […] More

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    Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaked and Officially Announced

    Master trainers all around the world, get ready for a new generation of Pokemon to catch. A member of the NeoGAF forums by the name of Nibel revealed on Feb. 25 that Nintendo had trademarked the titles Pokemon Sun and Moon, along with the logos for the respective games. Nibel went on to claim that […] More

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    Stay of Execution: Why the Assassin’s Creed Delay is Actually Great

    Recently it came to light that Ubisoft was delaying the release of the next installment in the Assassin’s Creed series for a year. This, despite the upcoming release of the next installment of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, seemed to be an interesting move for the company who’s already releasing a new Far Cry this year along […] More

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    IBM Announces Sword Art Online: The Beginning

    IBM has announced an upcoming VR game titled Sword Art Online: The Beginning. If you are a fan of anime then you are probably extremely hyped to hear about this. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the story takes place in Japan in the year 2022. At this time, a revolutionary VR game […] More

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    Ubisoft Reveals A New Game And A New Game-plan

    Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez offered just enough information about a new IP announced during Ubisoft’s earnings briefing earlier this month. While neither Martinez nor chief executive Yves Guillemot disclosed very much, what they did have to say is enough to get gamers wondering. Martinez described this title as “high potential,” and he explained that the game […] More

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    Steam sets Jet Set Radio for Free

    Steam is releasing Jet Set Radio for FREE RIGHT NOW! Yep, you heard right. One of Sega’s most innovative classics is going for free along with the hack-n-slash Golden Axe and the platformer Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit. The offer is good for only a limited time and you really have no excuses as […] More

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    Capcom Handles Street Fighter V Bugs

    You’ve probably heard about the host of launch issues that Street Fighter V is facing, if you haven’t experienced them for yourself yet. Well, good news, Capcom finally announced that their team has tackled the issues. They have stated that login and intermittent connectivity issues should occur less often. Matchmaking issues should also be completely […] More

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    Bethesda Announces Fallout 4 DLC and raises price of Season Pass

    Bethesda recently announced a host of Fallout 4 DLC that will be released over the next three months. This DLC brings in new robots, monsters, and deadly environments; and is very much the product of a franchise that loves its fans. First to hit the stores is Automatron, which will be released at $9.99 during […] More

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